• - (圈子; 周围) circumference; periphery; circuit:

    circumference; circle; periphery; 圆周

    fetch [make] a circuit of the campus; 绕校园一周

    - (星期) week:

    week about; every other week; 每隔一周

    a four-week's winter vacation 为期四周的寒假

    - {电} (周波的简称) cycle:

    kilocycle; 千周

    megacycle 兆周

    - (朝代,约公元前11世纪起到公元前256) the Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century-256B.C.)
    - (北周) the Northern Zhou Dynasty (557-581), one of the northern Dynasties
    - (后周) the Later Zhou Dynasty (951-960), one of the Five Dynasties
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zhou Enlai 周恩来

  • - (绕一圈) make a circuit; move in a circular course
    - (接济) help sb. out:

    help sb. tide over; help sb. out; reliev 周急

  • - (普遍; 全) all; whole; entire; all over:

    the whole body; 周身

    as is known to all 众所周知

    - (完备; 周到) thoughtful; attentive:

    not well advised; do not think out [over]; 考虑不周

    be very attentive to guests 招待周至



  1. 议会将在下周辩论国有化议题。
    Parliament will debate the nationalization issue next week.
  2. 候任总统将在下周正式就任。
    The President elect will be installed next week.
  3. 星期日是一周的第一天。
    Sunday is the first day of the week.
  4. 法庭对这一谋杀案的审理为时六周。
    The murder trial lasted six weeks.
  5. 本周气温一直都很热。
    The temperature has stayed hot this week.
  6. 您想得真周到。
    It's most thoughtful of you.
  7. 我妹妹每周去一次美容院。
    My sister goes to a beauty parlour once a week.
  8. 我们在沙滩上呆了一周之后,对日光浴已经兴致大减。
    The pleasures of sunbathing began to pall on us after a week on the beach.


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