1. 厂址:海宁市石镇东10公里
    Add:10 kilometers in Xiashi East of Town, Haining
  2. 大果型桂花味石龙眼芽变新株系的选育
    Breeding of a new large fruit and sweet osmanthus flavor longan strain
  3. 半径解决方案增加了两个新的工作人员,约翰逊和约翰雷诺兹。
    Radius Solutions has added two new staff members, Kip Johnson and John Reynolds.
  4. 一九五三年石尾大火,数干居民于一夜之间痛失家园。
    In the wake of the Shek Kip Mei fire in 1953, thousands of residents in the area were made homeless.
  5. 海宁石人。中国科学院院士,中国第一台万吨水压机的总设计师。
    As a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shen was the chief engineer responsible for the development China's first 10,000-ton hydraulic press.
  6. 我们相信海宁石亲亲卫生洁品厂所生产的消毒湿巾将会成为您和您家人居家旅行的必需品。
    We believe that the kiss Haining xiashi hygiene cleaning products manufactured Wet disinfection will be you and your family members travel home necessities.
  7. 节目会利用最新科技探讨这些密度甚高的宇宙居民,看看??侨绾稳肭秩颂澹?只崛绾窝杆俜敝臣叭绾瘟钅阍诓恢?痪跫渖宸3.
    You will visit labs where scientists are unlocking the secrets of how these creatures, invisible to the naked eye, actually affect the way we behave in our most intimate moments.
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