• - (完) exhaust; finish:

    exhaust one's supplies of food and ammunition; 弹尽粮绝

    inexhaustible; 取之不尽

    - (达到极端) come to an end to the utmost; to the limit:

    where the mountains and the rivers end; at end of one's rope [tether, resources]; 山穷水尽

    exert oneself to the utmost 用尽气力

    - (全部用出) use up; exhaust:

    from each according to his ability; 各尽所能

    make the best possible use of men and material; 人尽其才; 物尽其用

    - (用力完成) try one's best; put to the best use:

    do one's duty; discharge one's responsibility; 尽责任

    do one's best; exert one's utmost effort; 尽最大努力

  • - (全; 所有的) all; exhaustive:

    not to be believed word for word; to be taken with a grain of salt; 不可尽信

    have a panoramic view; 尽收眼底

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jin Zheng 尽正



  1. 我已筋疲力尽了!
    I'm exhausted!
  2. 我认为我们对这一问题已差不多是言无不尽了。
    I think we've just about exhausted that subject.
  3. 他因十分努力而筋疲力尽。
    He exhausted himself in the attempt.
  4. 受训的突击队员要参加令人筋疲力尽的突击课程。
    Trainee commandos are put through an exhausting assault course.
  5. 那位守寡的母亲尽全力让儿子念大学。
    The widowed mother exerted herself to the utmost to send her son to college.
  6. 战士们经过一个月的战斗已筋疲力尽。
    The combatants were exhausted after a month's fight.
  7. 他用尽一切影响力使他们接受他的计划。
    He exerted all his influence to make them accept his plan.
  8. 他虽竭尽全力,但仍然未能将那石头搬起来。
    He failed to lift the rock in spite of all his exertions.


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