• - (最小的正整数) one:

    one hundred kilograms; 一百公斤

    a book; 一本书

    - (同一) same:

    bitter gourds from the same vine; people with a similar bitter past; 一根藤上的苦瓜

    the same thing; 一码事

    - (另一) also; otherwise:

    Merbromin is also known as mercurochrome. 汞溴红一名红汞。

    - (全; 满) whole; all; throughout:

    the whole winter; all winter; throughout the winter; 一冬

    one's face covered with dust; 一脸的土

    - (专一) concentrated; wholehearted:

    heart and soul; wholeheartedly 一心一意

    - (单一; 唯一) single; alone; only one:

    hit the target with a single shot; 一枪就打中了目标

    Can you manage all by yourself? 你一个人行吗?

    - (表示动作是一次或短暂的):

    wait a bit; 等一等

    give a cough; 咳一声

    - (每一)each; per; every time:

    four groups with five people in each; 四个小组,一组五人

    tree meals a day; 一日三餐

    - (用在动词或动量词前面,表示先做某个动作,下文说明动作结果):

    get over in one jump; 一跳跳了过去

    This explanation of his restored our confidence. 经他这么一说,大家又都有信心了。

  • - (一旦; 一经) once; as soon as:

    Once seen, never forgotten. 一见不忘。

    You will be clear about it as soon as you look at it. 你一看就会清楚的。

  • - (用在某些词前加强语气):

    be as easy as catching a turtle in a jar; 一似瓮中捉鳖

    To think that things should have come to such a pass! 事态之严重一至于此!

  • - {音} (中国民族音乐音阶上的一级) a note of the scale in gongchepu (工尺谱),corresponding to 17 in numbered musical notation



  1. 有一条良好的A级公路通往北方--A级1号公路。
    There's a good A-road going North -- the A1.
  2. 他住在一个舒适的小屋里。
    He lives in a cosy little room.
  3. 他用一张小的王牌吃了我的A牌。
    He took my ace with a low trump.
  4. 修筑一条铁路要花费许多劳动力。
    It takes a lot of labor to build a railway.
  5. 你能帮我一个忙吗?
    Would you do me a favor?


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