• - (全部充实; 达到容量的极点) full; filled; packed:

    full; plump; 饱满

    a full box of books; 满满一箱书

    - (满足) satisfied; contented; content:

    dissatisfied; discontented; 不满

    satisfied; to one's heart's content 心满意足

    - (骄傲) conceited; complacent; proud:

    self-satisfied; complacent; 自满

    lose by pride 满招损

  • - (使满) fill:

    He filled everyone's cup and proposed a toast to the guests. 他给每个人满上了酒,建议为来宾们干一杯。

    Let me fill your glass once more. 再给你满上一杯。

    - (达到一定期限) expire; reach the limit:

    The holidays are over. 假期已满。

    His term of imprisonment hasn't expired yet. 他的刑期还没满。

  • - (很; 挺) very; rather; quite:

    You've done rather well. 你做得满好。

    He is quite a good player. 他是一个满不错的选手。

    - (完全) completely; entirely; perfectly:

    That wasn't the way it was at all. 满不是那么回事。

    I had counted on him to agree with me. 我满以为他会同意的。

  • - (满族) the Man nationality
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Man Chang 满昌



  1. 他对我的成功满怀羡慕。
    He was filled with envy at my success.
  2. 听到这个坏消息,他心里充满恐怖。
    He was filled with horror at the bad news.
  3. 胶囊里充满了可溶的小颗粒。
    The capsule is filled with small soluble cases.
  4. 汽车和电车塞满了整条街。
    Cars and trolleys filled the streets.
  5. 房间里充满了笑声。
    Laughter filled the room.
  6. 我心中充满了回家的渴望。
    I am filled with desire to go back home.
  7. 我的房间里充满了玫瑰花的香味。
    My room is filled with the odor of roses.


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