• - (改换方向、位置、形势、情况等) change; shift; transfer; turn:

    transfer to another college; 转到另一学院

    turn to the sun; 转朝太阳

    - (传递) transmit; transfer; pass on:

    pass the gift on to him; 把礼品转送给他

    transmit the document back to the office; 把文件转回办公室

  • - (旋转) revolve; rotate; turn; swivel:

    make circle; 转圈子

    cannot turn back; 不能倒转

    - (闲逛) stroll:

    Do you feel like a stroll? 出去转一转好吗?

    What are you hanging around here for? 你在这儿转来转去干什么?

  • - (绕一圈叫绕一转) revolution:

    120 revolutions per minute; 120 r.p.m. 每分钟120转



  1. 他把钥匙插入锁里转动。
    He put the key in the lock and turned it.
  2. 他发出一声绝望的叹息,转身走开了。
    With a hopeless sigh, he turned away.
  3. 如果要避开市中心,请从这里向右转弯。
    To avoid the city center, turn right here.
  4. 如果你给这把锁涂上油脂,转动起来就容易了。
    If you grease the lock it will turn more easily.
  5. 他打算把财产转让给儿子。
    He intends to transfer the property to his son.
  6. 现在场景转到仓库,行凶者正埋伏在那里伺机行动。
    And now the scene shifts to the warehouse, where the murderer is lying in wait.
  7. 暴风雨来临时,天空转暗。
    The sky turned dark as the storm came near.


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