• - (完备; 齐全) complete:

    win complete victory; 获得全胜

    Is everybody here? 人都来全了吗?

    - (整个) whole; entire; full; total:

    the whole [entire] nation; 全国

    the entire proceeding; 全过程

  • - (完全; 都) entirely; completely; totally:

    completely [all] wrong; 全错了

    We have reviewed the whole text. 课文全复习完了。

  • - (保全; 使完整不缺) make perfect or complete; keep intact:

    (Taoist) keep one's original nature; 全性保真

    manage to stay alive with sacrifice of principles; 苟全性命

  • - (姓氏)a surname:

    Quan Cong 全琮



  1. 尽管我们尽了全力,我们还是输掉了比赛。
    Despite all our efforts we still lost the game.
  2. 英语现在通用于全世界。
    English is spoken all over the world today.
  3. 管理部门采取了一切合理的安全措施。
    The management took all reasonable safety precautions.
  4. 我们从悬崖顶上的高处能看到城市的全景。
    From our perch up there on top of the cliff we can see the whole town.
  5. 我完全明白。
    I understand completely.
  6. 我完全同意你的看法。
    I entirely agree with you.
  7. 北京广播电台向全世界播送新闻。
    Radio Beijing sends the news all over the world.
  8. 全镇沉浸在节日的气氛之中。
    The whole town is in a festive mood.
  9. 我知道是全涤的,但是是全涤毛巾布还是全涤超细纤维呢?
    I also know they are polyester but which polyester tricot or micro fibre?
  10. 他们可是完完全全的内行。
    They are professional to their fingertips.


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