• - (全部在内; 完整) whole; all; complete:

    the whole day and night; 整日整夜

    all the world; 整个世界

    - (整齐) neat; tidy; orderly:

    in good order; 整然有序

    untidy in one's appearance; 仪容不整

  • - (整理; 整顿) put in order; adjust; rectify; reorganize:

    fix one's bed; 整整床铺

    put a room in order; 把房间好好整一整

    - (修理) repair; mend; renovate:

    renovate the old buildings 整修翻新旧房屋

    - (使吃苦头) make sb. suffer; punish:

    be the target of criticism or attack; 挨整

    resolutely punish that scoundrel 狠整那个坏蛋

    - (搞; 弄) make; do:

    get one's clothes dirty; 把衣服整脏了

    make a mess of the matter; 把事情整糟了



  1. 孩子们整整齐齐排好队。
    The children lined up in an orderly fashion.
  2. 整个工作只需要半个小时。
    The whole job only takes half an hour.
  3. 下雨了,他们不得不在旅馆里待了一整天。
    It was raining; they had to stay in the inn the whole day.
  4. 我一整天都在锄园子里的草。
    I spent the whole day weeding in the garden.
  5. 一个军官作出如此胆怯的行为使整个团都蒙受羞辱。
    Such an act of cowardice by an officer shames his whole regiment.
  6. 他吃了一整盒巧克力。
    He has eaten a whole box of chocolates.
  7. 我真是累极了,简直可以睡上一整天。
    I'm so tired I could sleep for a whole day.
  8. 我可不喜欢整天和他在一起。
    I'm not too enamored with the idea of spending a whole day with him.


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