[klaʊd]     [klaʊd]    
  • n. 云;阴影
cloudless clouded clouded clouding clouds



n. (名词)
  1. 云,云朵,阴云
  2. 云状物(如尘雾、烟雾、一群飞行的昆虫),云状尘埃、烟
  3. 阴影,黑斑
  4. 一大群,大群,大队
  5. 雾斑,云斑
  6. 阴郁脸色
  7. 遮暗物
  8. 女围巾
  9. 忧郁,焦虑
  10. 令人忧虑的事
v. (动词)
  1. 覆盖,遮蔽
  2. 使阴暗,使变黑暗
  3. 使混浊,使混乱,搅浑(问题),混淆
  4. 变暗,变黑暗
  5. 变模糊,变混浊
  6. 阴沉下来,阴云密布,云层密布,布满云斑
  7. 使模糊
  8. 使忧郁,搅扰
  9. 使乌云密布,以云遮敝,笼罩
  10. 变忧郁,变黯然,(脸色)阴沉下来,显得阴沉,看起来忧愁
  11. 在(心)上投下苦恼的暗影,使心情黯然,使不快
  12. 破坏(名誉)
  13. 损伤(友谊)
  14. 使难以理解,使记不清楚
  15. 使减少乐趣


n. (名词)
  1. [C][U]云 visible water vapour floating in the sky
  2. [C]团,群 mass of smoke, dust, sand, etc. in the air; mass of insects moving together in the sky
  3. [C]造成不愉快或不明朗的事物 thing that causes unhappiness, uncertainty, etc.
v. (动词)
  1. vt. & vi. (使)某物变得阴沉暗淡,不清楚 (cause sth to) become dull, unclear or indistinct
  2. vt. & vi. (使)某人的脸显得阴沉或忧伤 (of sb's face) show sadness or worry


  1. any collection of particles (e.g., smoke or dust) or gases that is visible

  2. a visible mass of water or ice particles suspended at a considerable altitude

  3. out of touch with reality;

    "his head was in the clouds"

  4. a cause of worry or gloom or trouble;

    "the only cloud on the horizon was the possibility of dissent by the French"

  5. suspicion affecting your reputation;

    "after that mistake he was under a cloud"

  6. a group of many things in the air or on the ground;

    "a swarm of insects obscured the light"
    "clouds of blossoms"
    "it discharged a cloud of spores"

  1. make overcast or cloudy;

    "Fall weather often overcasts our beaches"

  2. make less visible or unclear;

    "The stars are obscured by the clouds"
    "the big elm tree obscures our view of the valley"

  3. billow up in the form of a cloud;

    "The smoke clouded above the houses"

  4. make gloomy or depressed;

    "Their faces were clouded with sadness"

  5. place under suspicion or cast doubt upon;

    "sully someone's reputation"

  6. make less clear;

    "the stroke clouded memories of her youth"

  7. colour with streaks or blotches of different shades

  8. make milky or dull;

    "The chemical clouded the liquid to which it was added"



用作名词 (n.)
  1. A cloud is a mass of vapor in the sky.
  2. When there are black clouds you can tell it's going to rain.
  3. His sudden departure cast a cloud upon our scheme.
  4. The sad news of her father's death was the only cloud on an otherwise happy year.


用作名词 (n.)
cast a cloud on〔over〕
    在…上投下一层阴影 make sth not very happy
in the clouds
    想入非非,爱幻想 just like to consider, but dislike to do
on cloud nine
    极快乐 extremely happy
under a cloud
    受到怀疑 being doubted
under cloud of night
    趁黑夜 when it is dark
用作动词 (v.)
cloud over (v.+adv.)
    脸色变得阴沉 cause sb's face to show sadness
cloud up (v.+adv.)
    (使)模糊,变得模糊 cause sth not clear
    cloud up

    My glasses have clouded up after I entered the room.


    The windows have clouded up in the steam.


    cloud sth ⇔ up

    The steam has clouded the windows up.



用作名词 (n.)
动词+~ 形容词+~ 名词+~ 介词+~
用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词 ~+介词


  • She is advanc'd Above the clouds, as high as heaven itself.

    出自:Romeo Juliet , Shakespeare
  • Big rain clouds raced across the moon.

    出自: L. Deighton
  • La Condesa rose lightly as a cloud.

    出自: K. A. Porter
  • Cloud may reduce light intensity to as little as five per cent of that of the full sun.

    出自: Anthony Huxley





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