[əz]     [əz]    
  • adv.同样地;例如;被认为
  • prep.作为;如同
  • conj.因为;像;当 ... 之时;像 ... 一样;结果;尽管
  • n.阿斯(古罗马重量单位,约373克;古罗马铜币名)



  1. 和…一样 to the same degree or amount
  1. (表示时间)当还是…的时候 when
  2. (表示方式)以…的身份,以…资格,作为,以…角色;以…形式,扮演…角色;像,如同 such as
  3. (表示原因)由于,因为 because
  4. (表示比较)像…一样 like
  5. (表示结果)成为,看作,看成 become
  6. (表示目的)为了,以…为目的 for
  7. (表示举例)例如,诸如…之类的 for example
  1. 在…期间,当…时候 during the time when;while
  2. 由于,因为 since;because
  3. 尽管,即使,虽然 although
  4. 如同…那样,像…一样 in the way in which


as : 象…样, 如 ...
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  1. a very poisonous metallic element that has three allotropic forms; arsenic and arsenic compounds are used as herbicides and insecticides and various alloys; found in arsenopyrite and orpiment and realgar

  2. a United States territory on the eastern part of the island of Samoa

  1. to the same degree (often followed by 'as');

    "they were equally beautiful"
    "birds were singing and the child sang as sweetly"
    "sang as sweetly as a nightingale"
    "he is every bit as mean as she is"



用作副词 (adv.)
  1. The ground was as white as snow with petals that had drifted down from the apple trees.
  2. Many things pollute water, such as tires, trash, and plastic bags.
  3. This cathedral was regarded as a miracle in architectural history.
用作介词 (prep.)
  1. As a cub reporter he would learn the facts of life in the newspaper world.
用作连词 (conj.)
  1. As the wage of the job was low, there were few applicants for it.
  2. Despite the threat of war, people go about their work as usual.
  3. A sudden chill of horror sweep over her as she feel the drip of saliva upon her hand.
  4. Gambling is not the same as investment in the stock market. It's a horse of a different colour.
  5. He did not follow our advice so as to be arrested by the police.
  6. As difficult as it seems to be,the problem is by no means a new one.


用作副词 (adv.)
  1. She is as tall as her mother.
  2. He runs as fast as Paul.
  3. Ade doesn't play half as well as Cage.
  4. Smith works as hard as you used to.
  5. Return as much money as you borrowed.
  6. You must speak English as much as possible.
  7. You've made as many mistakes as I have.
  8. They are having almost as much unemployment as we are.
  9. The dining room was twice as big as the Tom's.
  10. This is as difficult a problem as you are likely to meet.
  11. It was as pleasant a day as I have ever spent.
  12. He isn't quite so old as she.
  13. He is not as old as she,but older〔younger〕 than she.
  14. I'm not as conceited as so many people seem to think.
  15. She's smart,but her brother is just as smart.
  16. The woman married a man poor as herself.
用作介词 (prep.)
  1. As a child,he lived in Japan.
  2. As a schoolboy,he showed every sign of genius.
  3. He worked as a cashier in a bank.
  4. Under the new arrangement I continued as manager.
  5. This chair can also function as a bed.
  6. This watch was given me as a birthday present.
  7. She is known as Mary.
  8. France is famous as a wine-producing country.
  9. He does this job as a skilled labour.
  10. He appeared as a man in a trance.
  11. We chose this one as the most suitable for our purpose.
  12. He wished to join the army,but was rejected as medically unfit.
  13. It's not nearly as cold as yesterday.
  14. The two brothers look and speak the same as each other.
  15. Don't regard me as a child.
  16. We had better treat it as a joke.
  17. The dykes were built as a protection against the sea.
  18. We talked about such subjects as the weather.
用作连词 (conj.)
  1. I was coming in as he was going out.
  2. My pen trembles as I write it.
  3. Helen heard the story as she washed.
  4. As I left the house I remembered the key.
  5. As I was coming here,I met yuor brother.
  6. The boy's eyes had slowly moved to him as he had spoken.
  1. As rain has fallen,the air is cooler.
  2. As he has not ready in time,we went without him.
  3. As this question is of great interest,we will discuss it once again.
  4. I can't come tonight,as I'm going to a concert.
  5. I am going to bed,as I am very tired.
  1. Child as is Paul,he knows enough to tell good from bad.
  2. Coward as he was,however,Flashman couldn't swallow such an insult as this.
  3. Simple as was the idea,the then scientific world would have none of it.
  4. Intelligent as you are,I suspect you will fail.
  5. Surrounded as we were by the enemy,we managed to march forward.
  6. Quickly as it spread and threatening as it appeared to be,the result was doomed from the start.
  7. He was unable to make much progress,hard as he tried.
  8. Try as I might,I couldn't lift the stone.
  1. Run as fast as you can.
  2. Poets are not so scrupulous as you are.
  3. I'm as happy as happy can be.
  1. When in Rome,do as the Romans do.
  2. State the fact as it is.
  3. Balloons float in the air as boats float on water.
  4. Things were almost as they had been before.
  5. She looks forward,as does her secretary,to the completion of the building.
  1. As I said in my last letter,I am taking the exam in July.
  2. All the while,as I say,I was still running.


用作副词 (adv.)
  1. 与…一样 the (specified) degree or extent

    She is as pretty as her elder sister. 她和她姐姐一样漂亮。

用作连词 (conj.)
as against
  1. 与…相对照,与…相比之下as compared with

    The earth is small as against the sun. 跟太阳相比,地球很小。

    It increased by one million kilograms as against the figure for last year. 产量比去年增加了100万公斤。

    He has an income of 15,000 pounds a year, as against the national average of 1300 pounds. 他每年收入15,000镑,而全国平均数为1300镑。

    He gets weekends off in his new job as against working alternate weekends in his last one. 在前一工作岗位,他隔周周末休息,而在新工作岗位他每周周末都休息。

as and when
  1. 到时候when

    We'll decide on our team as and when we qualify for the competition. 我们等到有资格参加比赛时再来决定本队参赛人员。

  2. 可能时when possible

    I'll tell you more as and when. 有可能的时候我再多跟你说。

as far as
  1. 直到…为止 the place mentioned, but no further

    He didn't go as far as the gate. 他没有走到大门口。

    He didn't walk as far as his friends. 他没有走到朋友们走的那么远。

    I've read as far as the third chapter. 我已读到第三章了。

    Fields of corn spread out as far as the eye could see. 玉米地延伸到看不到边的地方。

    A continuous line of cars stretched as far as the eye could see. 连绵不断的车辆望不到尽头。

    We can see nothing but houses as far as the eye can reach. 在眼力所及范围内,我们除了房屋别的什么也看不见。

  2. 只要 so long as

    As far as possible, he will help you. 只要可能,他会帮助你的。

    I'll help you as far as I can. 只要我能,我一定帮助你。

  3. 据…,就… the extent that; as much as

    As far as I know, he speaks English very well. 据我所知,他的英语讲得很好。

    As far as I know, he will be away for three months. 据我所知,他将离开三个月。

    As far as I know, they're coming by car. 据我所知,他们将坐汽车来。

as far concerned
  1. 参见concern条。
as follows
  1. 列举如下 as now to be told

    The full text reads as follows. 全文如下。

    My arguments are as follows. 我的意见如下。

    The main events were as follows: first, the president's speech, secondly, the secretary's report and thirdly, the chairman's summing-up. 主要活动如下:第一项,总裁讲话; 第二项,秘书汇报; 第三项,主席作总结。

    Just before the battle the general addressed his army as follows. 就在战斗打响前,将军对部队讲了下面的话。

as for
  1. 至于,关于speaking of;speaking for;with regard to

    As for her,she has nothing to complain to. 至于她,她没有什么可抱怨的。

    As for this,I have a few words to say. 谈到这一点,我有几句话要说。

    As for going back—that is quite out of the question. 至于说回去,那完全是不可能的。

    As for your hope of winning the first prize, I don't know about that. 至于说到你希望获头奖,对此我没有多大把握。

    The thief was caught by the police almost immediately.As for the stolen jewels,they were found in a dustbin. 小偷几乎当时就被警察抓住。至于偷去的宝石,也在垃圾箱里找到了。

    Most people like summer,but as for me,I like winter much better. 多数人喜欢夏天,而我却更喜欢冬天。

    He doesn't like vegetables much,and as for fruit,he never touches it. 他不太喜欢蔬菜,至于水果,他碰都不碰。

as from
  1. 自…起from the time started

    The contract will be in force as from 1st proximo. 本合同将于下月1日生效。

    As from tomorrow,no student may enter the principal's office without permission. 从明天起,任何学生未经许可不得进入校长办公室。

    As from Sunday,May 1st,all fares on the corporation's transport services will be increased by ten pence in the pound. 从5月1日即星期日起,本公司运输费将每磅提高10便士。

as good as
  1. 几乎,实际上 almost, practically

    He as good as said I'm a liar. 他无异于说我撒谎。

    The matter is as good as settled. 这事等于解决了。

    I bought a secondhand chair which is as good as new. 我买了一把二手货椅子,它如同新的一样。

    She claimed that he as good as promised to marry her. 她声称他差不多已答应娶她了。

    You may trust him, he is as good as his word. 你可以相信他,他说话算数。

    The old machine is well maintained and looks as good as new. 这台旧机器保养得很好,看上去像新的一样。

as how
  1. 相当于that,引导名词性从句

    He told me as how he was feeling ill. 他对我说他感觉不舒服。

    He was bragging as how he could run faster than anybody else. 他吹牛说他比任何人都跑得快。

  2. 是否 if;whether

    I don't know as how your father will like that. 我不知道令尊是否喜欢那样。

    It is doubtful as how he is coming. 他会不会来还是个问题。

as if〔though〕
  1. 好像,似乎,仿佛with the appearance of;apparently 引导方式状语从句

    〔说明〕 as if〔though〕引导的方式状语从句中的谓语动词多用虚拟语气,指现在的情况时用一般过去时,指过去的情况时用过去完成时。从句中的谓语动词偶尔也可用陈述语气,这时表示的内容可能是真实的,也可能是不真实的。

    He likes to talk big as if he was an important person.他老爱说大话,就仿佛他是一位要人似的。

    He talks as though he knew all about it.他说话的口气似乎他全都知道了。

    He continued with his reading as if nothing important had happened.他若无其事地又继续看他的书。

    He walks as if he is drunk.从走路的情况看,他是醉了。

    She treats me as though I am/were stranger.她待我形同路人。

    The house was lit up as though a big celebration was going on.整个屋子灯火辉煌,犹如在举行盛大庆典。

    Eagles were flying up and up as if to ride the white clouds.老鹰越飞越高,好像翱翔在白云之上。

    The girl listened as though turned to stone.那姑娘仿佛变成了石头似地倾听着。


    〔说明〕 as if〔though〕引导的表语从句中谓语动词可用虚拟语气,也可用陈述语气,完全依说话人对从句内容真实性的判断。在it looks,it seems等结构之后常用陈述语气。

    She looks as if she were ill.她看起来像生病一样。

    She looks as if she had been ill.她看起来像生过病一样。

    He looks as though he would not hurt a fly.他看起来善良得连只苍蝇都不肯伤害。

    He felt as if he had lost his power of judgement.他觉得自己仿佛已失去了判断力。

    It seems as though it was spring already.现在好像是春天了。

    It looks as though it may blow up a gale tonight.看来今晚可能要刮大风。

    It sounds as though there is a knock at the door.听起来好像有人在敲门。


    〔说明〕 as if〔though〕引导无定形句可以表示惊讶、不信任、愤懑等强烈感情,意思是“好像…似的”“倒是…似的”。

    As if I cared!好像我在乎似的〔我才不在乎呢〕!

    As if anyone would believe that story.别人才不信那一套呢。

as (it) is
  1. 照现状;照原样taking present circumstances into account;as things are

    I like the house better as it is. 我更喜欢这个屋目前的样子。

    Leave it as it is. 让它照现在的样子放在那儿〔顺其自然〕。

    Take the world as it is. 世界就是这个样子,不要奢望什么。

    I'm afraid you're simply painting the lily;the picture is good enough as it is. 我看你这样做简直是多余,这幅画本来已经够好了。

    We bought the clock at an auction as is. 那只钟我们从拍卖行买来时就是这个样子。

as it is/was
  1. 实际上,事实上as a matter of fact

    I thought conditions would get better,but as it is,they are getting worse. 我认为情况会转好,但事实上反趋恶化。

as it were
  1. 〔说明〕 本短语用作插入语,当觉得自己说的话不够准确或欠妥当时插入其中,以缓和语气。
  2. 可以说we can say

    He is,as it were,a walking dictionary. 他可以说是一部活字典。

    In many ways children live,as it were,in a different world from adults. 从许多方面讲,小孩子可以说是生活在一个跟成人不同的世界里。

    He is my best friend,and my second half,as it were. 他是我最好的朋友,打个比方说吧,是我的另一半。

  3. 在某种程度上 to some extent

    He became,as it were,a man without a country. 他在某种程度上成了一个无国籍的人。

    This book gives,as it were,a picture of old China. 在某种程度上,这本书提供了一幅旧中国的图景。

as long as
  1. 参见long条。
as of
  1. 自…起from the time started

    The law is effective as of May 1. 本法律自5月1日起生效。

    As of tomorrow,I'll start work half an hour earlier. 从明天起我将提前半小时开始工作。

  2. 直至,在…时up to a specified time;at

    As of this writing,no reply has been received. 到写这封信时为止,尚未得到答复。

    As of now we don't know much about Mars. 目前我们对火星还知之甚少。

    There has been an increase in the industrial and agricultural output in China as of 1978. 根据1978年的材料来看,中国工农业产值已经有所增长。

as often as not
  1. 往往,多半 very frequently

    When it's foggy the trains are late as often as not. 雾大时,火车往往晚点。

    As often as not,Jacelin thinks before he speaks but rarely resists the temptation to do so. 杰斯林多半是经过深思熟虑才发表意见的,难得有不这么干的时候。

as opposed to
  1. 参见oppose条。
as per
  1. 按照;根据according to; following

    The work has been done as per instructions. 工作已按指示完成。

    The furniture was made as per her order. 家具是按她的要求定做的。

    We will deliver the goods as per your order. 我们将根据你们的订单发货。

as regards
  1. 关于,至于 concerning or connected with sb/sth as regards sb/sth

    As regards John,I will write to him at once.至于约翰,我会立即给他写信。

    As regards the contract, the second paragraph must be changed.至于这份合同,第二段必须修改。

    You needn't worry as regards the cost of the operation.你无需担心手术的费用。

    As regards money,I have enough.至于钱,我是够花的。
  1. 像…那样;恰如…一样in a degree equal to that;in a parallel way in which

    As some are very rich,so others are very poor. 正像有些人很富一样,另一些人非常贫困。

    Just as water is the most important of liquids,so air is the most important of gases. 正像水是液体中最重要的一种一样,空气是气体中最重要的一种。

    As a tiger stalks his prey,they hunted him. 正像老虎阻击猎物一样,他们也抓住了他。

    As you sow,so will you reap. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。

    As I would not be a slave,so I would not be a master. 正如我不愿当奴隶一样,我也不愿当奴隶主。

as〔so〕 soon as
  1. 参见soon条。
as to
  1. 至于,谈到as for;with regard to

    As to his mother,I know nothing about her. 至于他母亲,我什么情况都不了解。

    As to the journey,we must decide about that later. 至于旅行,我们必须以后再定。

    As to what's ahead,you can be anything you choose. 至于将来,你想干什么都会成功。

    As to your second question, I am afraid I can give you no information at the moment,as the matter is still under consideration. 至于你的第二个问题,目前恐怕无可奉告,因为这事尚在考虑中。

    As to your wish to have an extra secretary, let's leave it open until the next fiscal year. 你希望增补一名秘书的事,到下一财政年度再定。

  2. 关于about;regarding

    He has no complaint as to his salary. 对薪酬他没意见。

    A lawyer should advise his clients as to their legal rights as a passenger. 律师应对其委托人争取旅客合法权益出主意。

    Nobody could decide as to what to do. 没人能决定做什么。

    He was at a loss as to how to meet the situation. 他手足无措,不知该怎样应付这一局面。

    He inquired as to whether her old grandmother was still alive. 他询问她老祖母是否还在世。

    A question arose as to who was the legal heir. 出现了谁是合法继承人的有争议的问题。

    A near-total news blockout kept the outside world guessing as to what was really happening at the summit. 由于对会议实行了全面新闻封锁,外界人士对首脑会议只能进行猜测。

  3. 成比例in proportion

    The value of a book is as to its content,and not as to its size. 一本书的价值同它内容的好坏成比例,而与版本大小无关。

  4. 按照according to;by

    They sorted eggs as to size and colour. 他们按照大小和颜色挑选鸡蛋。

as usual
  1. 像平常一样in the usual way

    He was late,as usual. 他像平常一样迟到了。

    As usual,Tommy forgot to make his bed before he went out to play. 如往常一样,汤米又忘记在出去玩之前把床铺整理好。

    Mrs. Carey as usual wet to the door to see him off. 凯丽太太像往常一样走到门口向他告别。

    As ever,the train got in just too late for me to catch the early bus. 像往常一样,火车到得太晚,我没能赶上早班车。

as well
  1. 参见well条。
as well as
  1. 参见well条。
as yet
  1. 到现在为止until now

    As yet,I haven't met her. 到现在为止,我还没遇见她。

even as
  1. 正当…的时候 just at the same moment as

    Even as she was going out, the telephone rang. 正当她要外出时,电话铃响了。

    Even as the sun was shining brightly, it began to rain. 就在阳光灿烂的时候,下起雨来了。

in so far as
  1. 参见far条。
just as well
  1. 参见well条。
may as well
  1. 参见well条。
much as
  1. 虽然,尽管although

    Much as she likes him she would never consider marrying him. 尽管她喜欢他,但她并不打算嫁给他。

regarded as
  1. 参见regard条。
so as to
  1. 为了…with the intention of doing sth

    The test questions are kept secret so as to prevent cheating. 考试题保密以防作弊。

    I got up early so as to be in time for the train. 为了赶火车,我一早就起床了。 to
  1. 参见so条。


用作副词 (adv.)
~+形容词+as+名词 ~+副词+as
  • as much as 像…那么多,多达;实际上差不多
  • as 和…同样多的;和…一样,正如
用作介词 (prep.)
动词+~ 动词+副词+~ ~+名词 副词+~ ~+副词 代词+~
  • such as 像这种的,像那样的,诸如此类的
  • as such 如所指的人或事物那样,就其本身而论
用作连词 (conj.)
~+形容词 ~+副词
  • as always 作为通常情况,如平常一样
  • as yet 迄今为止,到目前为止


  • He was as covetous as cruel.

    出自:W. Wotton
  • Chance has..thrown me very often in her way, and she as often has directed a discourse to me.

  • I'd as lieve let it alone.

    出自:R. B. Sheridan
  • He used it, as far as he dared.

    出自:Ld Macaulay



  1. as 常做关系代词,如such children as love their books中的as是love的主语。such books as are loved by children中的as是are loved的主语,所以要分析清楚句子结构,不可以随便删除谓语动词,如上句中的are。当as指代主句所讲述的内容时,也做关系代词。值得注意的是,as在作关系代词时,极易被误认为是连接词而加用it。

    As is announced in today's papers, all the schools will reopen on 1 September.

    As it is announced in today's papers, all the schools will reopen on 1 September.

  2. as much/many ...中as用来谈论数量。另外as much/many可作为代词,后不接名词。同时,as much ...可作为副词。

    I haven't got as much money as I thought.

    I ate as much as I could.

    You ought to rest as much as possible.

  3. as ... as ...指“两个人或物在某方面一样”,既可以用在肯定句里,也可以用在否定句中,而so ... as ...只能用在否定句里。“as ... as ...”有时含有第二个as后的主语有着高程度的那形容词(或副词)所指的特点,如上述例句中有暗指“她很老”。用isn't,wasn't,don't和can't等时,多习惯与as搭配,而不是so,如He isn't as old as she (is)比He isn't so old as she (is)更为普遍。若是句中的形容词或副词前用了 quite这个词时,就习惯不用as,用so。

    He is as old as she (is).
    He is not as old as she (is).
    He is not so old as she (is).

    He isn't quite so old as she (is).

  4. as在表示“原因”时,语气要轻于because。一般来说,as引导的从句会在主句前。as引导的从句也可以在主句后,不过必须要确认从句的内容要是对方知道的。注意在表示原因时,不可以把as和so连用,两者只能存在一个。 不过as ... so ...的表达方式是可以的,但指“正像……,……”。

    You need not go with me, as you are busy.

    I cannot go with you, as I am busy.

    As you like music, so I like poetry.

  5. as还可指“虽然”,如beautiful as she,(虽然她很漂亮)和child as he is(虽然他很孩子气)。这样用时,要注意格式上形容词或名词在as前以及名词前没有a或an;
  6. as也可加副词或动词。

    Much as I should like to see you, I am afraid you may find it inconvenient to come in this hot weather.
    Search as they would, they could find nobody in the house.

  7. 要注意区分so ... as和so ... that,such ... as和such ... that,彼此之间不可以互相替换。

    Here is so big a stone as no man can lift.
    Here is so big a stone that no man can lift it.
    Here is such a big stone as no man can lift.

  8. as指“当…的时候”时,引导的从句中的动词不能以将来时呈现。

    Count the children as they will enter the room.

  9. so ... as to ...(不定式)同…enough to ...(不定式)表达的意思相同。

    Write so carefully as to make every sentence clear.
    Write carefully enough to make every sentence clear.

  10. as from指“从某日开始”,常用在法律,契约,公告的文件中。

    The shopping center will be open to the public as from 6 May, 2001.
    As from 6 May,2001 the shopping center has been open to the public.

  11. as well as指“(除……之外)也,又”,要注意它同and和not only ... but (also)...是有区别的。A as well as B = not only B but also A,指“不单B,而且A”,注意是B在前,A在后。不可以用A,B,as well as C.通常来说,as well as作连接词,不是介词。结构“both ... as well as ...”是错误的,避免使用。常有人用“not only ... but well”的结构,同“not only ... but also …”或“not only ... but ...”表达的意思相似,但是没有后者使用普遍。

    He is a Chinese, but he has foreign friends as well as Chinese friends.
    He is a Chinese, but he has Chinese friends as well as foreign friends.

    I read French, German, as well as English.

    He advised me as well as answering my question.

  1. as用作副词时主要用来表示比较,意思是“像…一样;如同”。可以单独使用,但更多的是用在as...as结构中,其中第一个as是副词,其后可接形容词或副词,也可接其他成分,as前可有状语。第二个as可以是介词,也可以是连词。as用作副词时还可以指事物以同样的方式发生,意思是“和…一样”。
  2. as...as结构多用于肯定式,偶尔也可用于否定式。表示同样意思的否定式多用。as...as结构用于否定句时多用于口语,侧重“像…一样”;so...as结构则多用于书面语,侧重“像…那样”。
  3. as...as结构表示的是同级比较,第一个as后的形容词或副词不可用比较级,必须用原级,比较的对象亦须属同类。
  4. as...as结构表示数量或程度时,可用于“as much+(不可数名词+) as”或“as many+(可数名词复数+) as”结构。
  5. 修饰as...as结构的常见词语有nearly,almost,just,exactly,half,quite,表示倍数或次数的形容词,“数词+times”等。这些修饰语都放在as...as结构之前。
  6. 使用as...as结构时,若第一个as后的名词是单数可数名词并有形容词修饰,则应使用“as+ adj.+ a/an+ n. ”结构,即不定冠词应位于形容词和名词之间。第二个as后面的名词或代词的格不同,意思也不同。
  7. as...as结构中后一个as用作连词时引导的从句常为省略句,省略从句中的动词可使主句的意义得到加强;反之,重复从句中的动词则可使从句的意义得到强调。
  8. 使用as...as结构时,在一定的上下文中可以省去其中的一个。
  9. as用作副词时不用于比较等级。
  1. as作“以…的身份,以…资格,作为,以…角色”解时常与动词act,employ,function,serve,speak,work或形容词eminent,distinguished,famous,known,recognized,renowned等连用。
  2. as比较常用于as...as和the same...as两个句型。
  1. as用作连词时,可以用来表示时间,译为“正当…的时候;随着…;边…边…”,引导时间状语从句。主句可以是主动句,也可以是被动句。当两个主语的动作是同时发生的时候,主句和从句的谓语动词都可以用进行时态或一般式,无论动作长短;当两件事发生的时间间隔很短,甚至没有时间间隔时,主句和从句均用一般过去时;当主句的动作发生在从句的动作发生的过程中的时候,主句和从句可以都用一般过去时,也可以在从句中用进行时态。当表示两个动作的完成时间恰好一致时,as连接的主、从句也都可用过去完成时。
  2. as还可表示原因,作“因为,既然”解,引导原因状语从句,表示不说自明的原因或理由,语气较轻,是附带提及,不加强调。as引导的从句可放在主句之前(表示原因不明显),也可放在主句之后(表示原因明显)。
  3. as可表示让步,作“尽管”解,引导让步状语从句。当主句的谓语动词是be或其他系词的限定形式时,常用于“名词〔形容词,过去分词〕+as+主语+be〔其他系词〕”的限定形式(名词位于句首时一律不用冠词);当主句的谓语动词是行为动词时,常用“副词+as+主语+行为动词(+其他附加成分)”的形式。有时也把动词放在从句句首,尤其是有may,might,will,would等情态动词时。注意当主语是名词时常用倒装语序,主语是代词时则不用倒装语序,主语位于谓语之前。
  4. as可以引导一个比较关系的状语从句,意思是“像…一样”;为了加强比较的意味,主句中常加副词as(用于肯定句)或so(用于否定句)。此时as可用于“〔could〕 be”结构,用来强调形容词的含义,一般可译为“到了…的程度”“极其”。
  5. as可以引导方式状语从句,意思是“依照,按照”。
  6. as引导比较或方式状语从句时,从句一般采用正常语序,但在正式语体里,也采用倒装语序,但不是强制性的。
  7. as还可用于插入语,可置于句首、句中或句末,并常有逗号与句子的其他成分分开。


  • They love him as much as she.
  • 他们和她同样爱他。
  • They love him as much as her.
  • 他们爱他,也同样爱她。
  • 约翰和鲍勃一样有礼貌。
  • John is as polite as Bob.
  • (强调约翰有礼貌)
  • John is as polite as Bob is.
  • (强调鲍勃有礼貌)
as, for
  • She was respected as a teacher.
  • 作为一名教师,她受到尊敬。
  • She won't do for a teacher.
  • 她做教师不行。
  • 另外,在regard,think of,treat等动词之后一般用as,不用for。
as, like
  • 请尽量按我这样写。
  • Please try to write as I do.
  • Please try to write like me.
  • 作为学生,应试时须严格按照上述规定作答,但实际上在非正式的英语里,like用作连词还是很常见的。例如:
  • I can't sing like I used to.我不能像以前那样唱歌了。
  • She spoke as a lawyer.
  • 她作为律师发言。
  • She spoke like a lawyer.
  • 她讲话很像是律师。
  • 他吃起东西来像头野兽。
  • [误] He ate as a beast.
  • [正] He ate like a beast.
as a matter of fact, as good as, as it is
as a matter of fact含有对比之意,说的是与已知的或已说过的内容不同的内容;as good as没有对比的意味,意思是“实质上差不多等于”;as it is则用于指出即将说的是一个事实。例如:
Mike said he didn't tell a lie.As a matter of fact, he did.迈克说他从没有说过谎。事实上,他说过。
He as good as refused.他实际上等于拒绝了。
We had hoped to finish today,but as it is we probably won't finish until tomorrow.我们原本希望今天能做完它,但实际情况是我们或许要等到明天才能做完。
as, because, for, since
as it is/was, as it were
as it is/was是个短语,意思是“实际上”“事实上”“照目前情况来看”,用于把可能的情景与实际发生的情况进行对比;而as it were的意思则是“可以说是”“似乎是”“仿佛”,表示所说的话听起来不那么肯定。
as, though
as, when, while
as well, also, besides, either, moreover, too
also一般用于肯定句,有强调意味,位于主谓语之间,即实义动词之前,助动词之后; too只用于肯定句中,一般位于句末,比also更口语化; either一般只用于否定句,多位于句末; as well和too一样多用于口语,放在句末; besides与moreover词义基本相同,但moreover后面所叙述的,通常比前面所叙述更为重要或更深入一步,在词序方面, moreover往往用于句首,另外, moreover是较为正式的用语。例如:
He also asked to go.他也要去。
I can also do it.我也能干那个活。
English is not easy, and French is not easy either.英语不容易,法语也不容易。
He is a teacher, and a writer as well.他是个教师,也是个作家。
I don't like those shoes; besides, they're too expensive.那双鞋我不喜欢,而且也太贵。
I don't like skating; moreover, the ice is too thin.我不想去溜冰,再说冰层也太薄。
The Opposition have consistently accused the Government of corruption.Moreover, they have named names.反对党一直在指责政府腐败,而且是指名道姓的。
  • We have a third as many students in our class as we had last term.
  • 我们班的学生是上学期的三分之一。
  • We have a third as many students again in our class as we had last term.
  • 我们班的学生比上学期多了三分之一。
as because for since
  • as:as从属连词,语意较because, since弱,着重在主句,所表示的原因或理由是“附带的”。
  • because:because从属连词,语意强,着重直接的原因或理由,所引出的从句是全句的重心,用以回答why提出的问题。
  • for:for并列连词,语气较弱,所引出的句子一般放在后面,表示附带说明的理由或推断理由。
  • since:since语意比because弱,但比as强,一般用于表示“由于大家已知的事实”。
as like
  • as:as从属连词,引出方式从句。
  • like:like是前置词,后面跟的是宾语。
though although as even though
  • though:though和although在意义上几乎毫无区别,但在习惯用法上这两个词仍有以下一些差异:1.though可引出倒装语序的让步状语从句,although 则不能。2.though可与even连用,although则不能;在as though结构中,只用though,不能用although。3.though可以置于从句末,而although则不能。4.引出省略句时,通常用though。
  • although:although与though在意义上相似,但文体上是比较正式用词,语气比though强。
  • as:as引出让步状语从句只用于倒装语序结构中,语气强于上述两个连词。
  • even though:even though(=even if),意为“即使”,引导让步状语从句。though也引导让步状语从句,意为“虽然”;even though有退一步设想的意味,与though不同。though引导的句子所说的是事实,even though引导的句子所说的则不一定是事实。例如:
  • 即使他知道这个秘密,他也不肯说出来。
  • He will not tell the secret even though(even if)he knows it.
  • 他虽然知道这个秘密,但他不会说出来。
  • He will not tell the secret though he knows it.
when while as
  • when:when所引导的从句,其谓语动词既可是持续动词,也可是短暂动词;谓语动词动作发生的时间可以与主句谓语动词的动作是同时,或之前、之后。
  • while:while句中的谓语动词应为持续动词,不用短暂动词,谓语动作发生的时间通常与主句谓语动词动作发生时间是同时。
  • as:as侧重指从句与主句的动作同时进行,谓语动词可以是持续性的,可以是短暂性动词。


  1. 她像她母亲那样慈善。

    She was kind as like as her mother.

    She was as kind as her mother.

    She was kind like her mother.

  2. 这两台钢琴同样好。

    This piano is equally as good as that one.

    This piano is as good as that one.

    These two pianos are equally good.


  3. 你必须尽快离开此地。

    You must get out of this place as immediately as possible.

    You must get out of this place as soon as possible. possible结构中的形容词或副词应是可比较的,immediately没有比较级和最高级形式,故不可用于这个结构中。

  • 错句:As the weather was bad, so I didn't go.

    纠正:As the weather was bad, I didn't go.




  • ☆ 12世纪晚期进入英语,直接源自古英语的alwsa,意为的确如此。



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