[ʃuːt]     [ʃuːt]    
  • v.发射;开枪;疾驰;拍照
  • n.发射;嫩枝
  • int.哇! 可恶! 哎呀!
shooter shot shot shooting shoots



  1. 飞速通过
  2. 投篮
  3. 射出,射中,射门
  4. 射死,射杀,射伤
  5. 拍照
  6. 掷骰子
  7. 损毁,使破灭
  8. 挥出
  9. 伸出,伸展
  10. 倾倒
  11. 使爆炸
  12. 炸开
  13. 放,放出
  14. 飞快地移动
  15. 射猎,打猎,狩猎
  16. 长出,突出
  17. 拍电影
  18. 射,发射,投射
  19. 射击,开枪
  20. 放射
  21. 伸展
  22. 抛出
  23. 打中
  24. 拍摄
  25. 射箭
  26. 猎杀
  27. 飞驰
  28. 剧痛跳窜
  29. 突然把…投向
  1. 拍摄
  2. 发射
  3. 狩猎(队),狩猎会,狩猎场
  4. 射击,射击会
  5. 急速动作
  6. 奔流
  7. 一道光线
  8. 幼苗,嫩芽,新枝
  9. 摄影
  10. 幼芽,幼枝
  11. 开枪,放炮
  1. “该死!”(做了蠢事或事情出了差错感到懊恼,避免说 shit)
  2. 哼!咳!


  1. vi. & vt. 开枪,射击,射中,射死 fire; hit; kill with a bullet, etc.
  2. vt. 去…打猎 go over (an area) shooting game animals
  3. vi. & vt. 疾驰,飞速通过 move quickly
  4. vi. 刺痛,剧痛 move suddenly and quickly with a stabbing sensation
  5. vi. 发芽,生枝 put forth new twigs or branches from a stem; sprout
  6. vi. & vt. 拍摄 photograph
  7. vt. 玩 play a game
  8. vt. 击出 achieve (a specified number of strokes) in a game
  9. vi. & vt. 投,射门,射中得分 send out as if from a gun; try to kick, hit the ball directly into the goal; score a goal
  10. vi. 说出 say what one has to say
  11. vt. 注射 inject
  1. [C] 射击场合,狩猎,狩猎区,狩猎队 an occasion for shooting; area of land over which game animals for sport; group of people shooting game animals for sports
  2. [C] 嫩芽,幼苗,嫩枝 new young growth on a plant or bush


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  1. a new branch

  2. the act of shooting at targets;

    "they hold a shoot every weekend during the summer"

  1. hit with a missile from a weapon

  2. kill by firing a missile

  3. fire a shot;

    "the gunman blasted away"

  4. make a film or photograph of something;

    "take a scene"
    "shoot a movie"

  5. send forth suddenly, intensely, swiftly;

    "shoot a glance"

  6. run or move very quickly or hastily;

    "She dashed into the yard"

  7. move quickly and violently;

    "The car tore down the street"
    "He came charging into my office"

  8. throw or propel in a specific direction or towards a specific objective;

    "shoot craps"
    "shoot a golf ball"

  9. record on photographic film;

    "I photographed the scene of the accident"
    "She snapped a picture of the President"

  10. emit (as light, flame, or fumes) suddenly and forcefully;

    "The dragon shot fumes and flames out of its mouth"

  11. cause a sharp and sudden pain in;

    "The pain shot up her leg"

  12. force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing;

    "inject hydrogen into the balloon"

  13. variegate by interweaving weft threads of different colors;

    "shoot cloth"

  14. throw dice, as in a crap game

  15. spend frivolously and unwisely;

    "Fritter away one's inheritance"

  16. score;

    "shoot a basket"
    "shoot a goal"

  17. utter fast and forcefully;

    "She shot back an answer"

  18. measure the altitude of by using a sextant;

    "shoot a star"

  19. produce buds, branches, or germinate;

    "the potatoes sprouted"

  20. give an injection to;

    "We injected the glucose into the patient's vein"



用作动词 (v.)
  1. He shot the bird with his gun.
  2. The sports car shot past us.
  3. The scene was shot on location.
用作名词 (n.)
  1. The enemies made shoots at us.
  2. Two weeks after we'd planted the seeds, little green shoots started to appear.
用作感叹词 (int.)
  1. Shoot! My coat is caught in the door.


用作动词 (v.)
用作不及物动词 S+~(+A)
  1. The hunter aimed at the animal but did not shoot.
  2. The sentry shouted,“Stand off, or I'll shoot.”
  3. He told me to shoot low.
  4. This gun shoots very well.
  5. Our striker got into a good position to shoot, but then missed his kick.
  6. They used to fish in the summer and shoot in the winter.
  7. The scene was shooting and they left the village.
  8. Buds shoot forth in the spring.
  9. Pain shot through his arm.
  10. You want to tell me something?Well, shoot!
S+~+to- v
  1. The police didn't shoot to kill.
用作及物动词 S+~+ n./pron.
  1. The policeman shot the mad dog.
  2. He's in Africa shooting lions.
  3. He shot a bird and killed it.
  4. Then this man will soon shoot his last shot!
  5. The sun shoots its beam through the mist.
  6. The hovercraft shot a bridge.
  7. The robbers' car shot the traffic lights.
  8. She shot her bolt but could think of no more to say.
  9. I tried to explain to my classmates how the accident happened and found that they thought I was shooting a line.
  10. Jerry was shooting a line that his parents were friends of the American president, but no one believed him.
  11. Let's shoot some pool.
  12. He shot 70 in the first round.
  13. 用于be ~ed结构
  14. He was shot three times in the arm.
  15. This mechanism has been shot by prolonged misuse.
  16. A fellow who speaks ill of his friends like that should be shot.
用作双宾动词 S+~+ pron./n. + n./pron.
  1. She shot me a sideway glance.
用作宾补动词 S+~+ n./pron. + adj./prep. -phrase
  1. She has shot the wolf wounded.
  2. 用于be ~ed结构
  3. The postmaster was shot dead by the robbers.
  4. The robber was shot dead by the policeman.
用作名词 (n.)
  1. He is a member of grouse shoot.
  2. There's a new shoot coming up, the plant isn't dead.
  3. New shoots appeared on the bush.
  4. The trees send out new shoots in spring.
  5. The next morning I found the shoots standing up straight, not a bit damaged.
  6. He pinched out the side shoots.
  7. The rose bush is putting out new shoots.
  8. I gradually learned their methods of caring for the rice shoots.
  9. The deer were eating the young shoots on the trees.


用作动词 (v.)
shoot across (v.+prep.)
  1. 飞快地越过 move quickly across sth shoot across sth

    The meteor shot across the sky.流星飞快地掠过天空。

shoot at (v.+prep.)
  1. 向…射击〔开枪〕 aim or fire at with a gun shoot at sth

    He shot at a bird, but missed it.他开枪打鸟,但没有打中。

    He is looking for an opportunity to shoot at goal.他在寻找机会射门。

    shoot sth at sb/sth

    She shot an angry look at him.她愤怒地盯了他一眼。

    I shot an arrow at the target.我对准目标射出一箭。

    What are you shooting your gun at?你在用枪打什么?

  2. 力图达到 aim at or try to gain shoot at sth

    He is shooting at the directorship.他力图得到厂长的职位。

shoot away (v.+adv.)
  1. 连续射击 continue shooting shoot away

    We've been shooting away for three hours, and haven't hit anything yet.我们已连续射击了3个小时,可是什么也没击中。

  2. 打掉,打落 remove sth with gunfire shoot sth ⇔ away

    The artillery shot away the church spire and most of one wall.火炮打掉了教堂的尖顶和一面墙的大部分。

    The soldier avoided military duty by shooting away one of his toes.为逃避战斗,那个士兵用枪打掉了自己的脚趾。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    The blockhouse has been shot away.碉堡已被炮火打掉了。

  3. 打光,射完 use up by shooting shoot sth ⇔ away

    We have shot away all our ammunition.我们把弹药用完了。

  4. 迅速逃离 move away quickly shoot away

    The rabbit shot away as soon as it smelt the dog coming near.一嗅到狗走近的气味兔子就迅速逃开了。

shoot down (v.+adv.)
  1. 朝下射击 shoot from above shoot down into sth

    The soldiers shot down into the ravine.士兵们向深谷里射击。

  2. 击落 bring down by shooting shoot sth ⇔ down

    They had shot down five planes by dark.到天黑的时候,他们已击落了5架飞机。

    The anti-aircraft guns shot down three enemy planes.高射炮击落了三架敌机。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    The aeroplanes were shot down in flames.那些飞机被击落后冒着烟。

  3. 反对,击破…的论点 destroy sb's ideas by argument shoot sb/sth ⇔ down

    Why did you shoot him down in flames like that?你为什么那么严厉地批评他?

    The chairman shot down another idea.主席坚决反对另一个意见。

    用于 be ~ed 结构

    His clever ideas were shot down in flames.他那聪明的主意遭到猛烈的批评。

shoot for (v.+prep.)
  1. 打算达到 try to reach; have a goal; aim at shoot for sth

    We're shooting this year for a 50% increase in sales.我们今年的目标是销售增加50%。

    We are shooting for a higher production level.我们力争提高生产水平。

    We should shoot for the best results.我们应力争取得最好的成绩。

shoot forward (v.+adv.)
  1. 飞速向前 rapidly progress shoot forward

    The yacht shot forward.游艇飞似地向前驶去。

shoot from (v.+prep.)
  1. 从…中射出 send sth out from sth shoot sth from sth

    He shot an arrow from his bow.他射出了弓上的箭。

shoot into (v.+prep.)
  1. 突然出现 appear suddenly shoot into sth

    A wild idea shot into her mind.一个疯狂的想法突然出现在她的头脑中。

shoot off (v.+adv.)
  1. 打掉,炸掉 sever by shooting用于 be ~ed 结构

    His arm was shot off in a battle. 在一次战斗中,他的一只手臂被炸掉了。

  2. 放枪,开炮,燃放烟火 fire or explode into air without aimingThey shot off their weapons as a sign of victory.他们朝天鸣枪以示胜利。
shoot oneself
  1. 自杀 commit suicide

    She shot herself through the head. 她一枪打穿了自己的头。

shoot out (v.+adv.)
  1. 从里边射出 shoot from inside shoot out at sb

    The trapped men shot out through the windows at their attackers.那些被围困的人从窗户里向进攻者开火。

  2. 突然出击 make a action suddenly shoot sb/sth ⇔ out

    He suddenly shot out his fist.他突然打出一拳。

    All the children shot out their hands for the money.所有孩子突然伸出手来要钱。

    As the teacher turned his back, the child shot out his tongue.老师转过身时,那小孩伸了一下舌头。

    The snake shot its tongue out.这蛇突然伸出舌头。

  3. 迅速长出 grow out quickly shoot out

    The new growth is just shooting out.那株新植物刚刚抽芽。

    Rose bushes shoot out again after being cut back.玫瑰丛在修剪之后还能再长出新芽。

  4. 用射击解决或结束 settle or bring to an end by shooting shoot sb/sth ⇔ out

    The two men decided to shoot it out.那两个人决定用枪决斗。

shoot up (v.+adv.)
  1. 向上射击 fire upwards shoot up (at sth)

    The soldiers shot up at the windows.士兵们向上面窗户开火。

  2. 开火攻击并祸害 attack and wreck by shooting shoot sth ⇔ up

    Some gang came in and shot the place up.有股匪帮进来对这个地方开枪骚扰。

  3. 迅速成长 grow rapidly shoot up

    The girl is shooting up.那女孩长得快。

    After last week's rain, the weeds have shot up.上星期的一场雨之后野草开始疯长。

  4. 迅速发送 send up rapidly shoot sth ⇔ up

    They shot the spaceship up into the sky.他们把飞船发射上天。

shoot upward (v.+adv.)
  1. 飞快上升 rise rapidly shoot upward

    The elevator shot upward.电梯飞快地上升。

shoot with (v.+prep.)
  1. 用…射击 fire a gun with sth shoot sth with sth

    You'd be lucky to shoot a fighter down with a light machine-gun.你很幸运能用轻机枪打下一架战斗机。

用作名词 (n.)
the whole (bang) shoot
  1. 每一件东西,一切the lot〔everything〕

    He decided to buy the whole shoot. 他决定全部买下来。

    Don't try to sort out those papers—just throw the whole shoot in the fire. 不用清理那些文件了,把它们全都烧掉。

    Please empty that cupboard and throw everything away—I want to get rid of the whole bang shoot. 请把那橱柜倒空,把所有的东西都扔掉——我想把里面的每样东西都清除掉。


用作动词 (v.)
~+名词 ~+副词 ~+介词
用作名词 (n.)
动词+~ 形容词+~ 名词+~ ~+介词


  • Many a rogue would give his..ears to have a shoot!

    出自:R. L. Stevenson
  • The..creature stumbled, and the rider came..near to shooting over its head.

    出自:Conan Doyle
  • Torrents of sparks shot to the sky and descended slowly.

    出自:M. Mitchell
  • Her hands shot upwards with a convulsive gesture.

    出自:E. J. Howard



  1. shoot的基本意思是“射”。指开枪等“射击”,可指“射”的动作,也可指“射中”或“射死”的结果。用作及物动词时其宾语通常是人或动物等。
  2. shoot还可指体育运动中的“投篮”“射门”,用于比喻也可指投来目光、射来亮光等。
  3. shoot还可以作“疾驰( vi. )”“飞速通过( vt. )”解,表示使某物沿方向突然或迅速运动,不强调动作的突然性,只强调动作的持续和延伸。
  4. shoot还可作“拍摄”“刺痛,剧痛”“玩”“击出”“说出”“注射”等解。
  5. shoot可用作及物动词,也可用作不及物动词。用作及物动词时可接名词或代词作宾语,也可接同源宾语或双宾语。还可接以形容词充当补足语的复合宾语。用作不及物动词时常接动词不定式作目的状语。
  6. 表示“用枪打死”时,美国人说shoot to death; 而英国人说 shoot dead。
  7. shoot有“打〔杀〕而未必死”之意,故若强调“打〔杀〕死”之意,有时需借助其他词的辅助,常见的结构有:shoot...and kill...; death; shoot...dead等。
  1. shoot用作名词的基本意思是“射击的场合”或“狩猎,狩猎区,狩猎队”。
  2. shoot还可作“嫩芽,幼苗,嫩枝”解。


shoot, shoot at
shoot和shoot at所表达的含义不同:shoot表示射中、射伤或射死; 而shoot at表示瞄准向某人或某物射击,但不一定射中。
shoot, dart
shoot, hang, kill, murder
1.kill是一般用语,指任何致死的行动,不能表示“杀而未死”; murder主要指用非法手段蓄意地、有预谋地杀害某人; shoot专指用枪打死或用非法手段暗杀某人,本词有“打(杀)而未必死”之义,故若强调“打(杀)死”时需要其他词的辅助,常见的结构有:
shoot...and kill..., death, shoot...dead等; hang特指“绞死或吊死”。例如:
She killed him with a hammer.她用铁锤砸死了他。
He was murdered by his brother.他被他哥哥谋杀了。
He shot a lion with his rifle.他用步枪打中一头狮子。
He was hanged for murder.他因杀人而被绞死。
2.kill的宾语可以用于人,也可用于动物、植物; shoot的宾语可以用于人,也可用于动物; murder, hang的宾语只用于人,不能用于动物、植物。例如:
The frost killed the flowers.严霜使花枯死。
He shot a bird and killed it.他打中了一只鸟,并且把它打死了。
She murdered her husband.她谋杀了她的丈夫。
He hanged himself in sorrow after his wife died. 他妻子死后,他在悲痛之下吊死了。
shoot, bough, branch, spray, twig
1.branch为树枝的统称; twig指大树枝的细枝、嫩枝; shoot指植物的芽、嫩枝、新梢、苗; spray尤指有叶有花的树枝、花枝。
2.branch不分大小粗细; bough比较大; shoot最幼小; spray比shoot稍大、稍长一点。
  • He broke off a branch.
  • 他折断了一根树枝。
  • They built their small shelter with boughs.
  • 他们用大树枝搭起他们的小掩蔽处。
  • A few tender shoots of green had started to appear.
  • 几颗绿色的嫩芽开始出现了。
  • Dry twigs are good to start a fire with.
  • 干燥的细树枝用来生火很好。
branch limb bough shoot
  • branch:branch普通用词,泛指树木比bough小一些的大枝或小枝,也可用于引申意义。
  • limb:limb多指主枝或大枝。
  • bough:bough指主枝或粗大强壮的枝。
  • shoot:shoot指植物或灌木刚长出的新枝、嫩枝或嫩芽。


  1. 他向一只鸟射击,但没射中。

    He shot to a bird, but missed it.

    He shot at a bird, but missed it.

  2. 猎人将狮子射死了。

    The hunter shot at the lion.

    The hunter shot the lion.

    shoot表示“射死”,是及物动词,后面直接跟宾语; 而shoot at...表示“向…开枪”,这时shoot是不及物动词,介词at不能换成to。

  3. 那只船在迅速穿过急流时倾覆了。

    The boat overturned as it shot through the rapids.

    The boat overturned as it shot the rapids.


  4. 他向我射击。

    He shot a bullet at me.

    He shot a gun at me.

    He shot at me.



  • ☆ 直接源自古英语的cseotan,意为射。



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  • shoot:shoot n. 射击, 发射, 摄影, 急流vt. 射击, 投射, 伸出, 拍摄, 用完, 挥出, 给...注射, 使爆炸vi. 射出, 射击, 发出, 发芽, 射门, 拍电影 英英解释:名词sho…


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