[ə'hed]     [ə'hed]    
  • adv.领先;预先;在前;向前;提前



  1. 领先,胜过,占先,占优势
  2. 预先,提前,提早,事前
  3. 在前,在前面
  4. 向前,向前面
  5. 赢得,多赚,得益
  6. 今后,将来
  7. 在…以前,早于,先于


  1. 向前面,在前面 further forward in space or time; in front
  2. 提前;预先 earlier; in advance; before a time or event
  3. 占优势;领先 winning; further advanced; in or into future


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  1. having the leading position or higher score in a contest;

    "he is ahead by a pawn"
    "the leading team in the pennant race"

  1. at or in the front;

    "I see the lights of a town ahead"
    "the road ahead is foggy"
    "staring straight ahead"
    "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front"
    "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"

  2. toward the future; forward in time;

    "I like to look ahead in imagination to what the future may bring"
    "I look forward to seeing you"

  3. in a forward direction;

    "go ahead"
    "the train moved ahead slowly"
    "the boat lurched ahead"
    "moved onward into the forest"
    "they went slowly forward in the mud"

  4. ahead of time; in anticipation;

    "when you pay ahead (or in advance) you receive a discount"
    "We like to plan ahead"
    "should have made reservations beforehand"

  5. to a more advanced or advantageous position;

    "a young man sure to get ahead"
    "pushing talented students ahead"

  6. to a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future);

    "moved the appointment ahead from Tuesday to Monday"
    "pushed the deadline ahead from Tuesday to Wednesday"

  7. leading or ahead in a competition;

    "the horse was three lengths ahead going into the home stretch"
    "ahead by two pawns"
    "our candidate is in the lead in the polls"
    "way out front in the race"
    "the advertising campaign put them out front in sales"



用作副词 (adv.)
  1. By doing extra homework, he soon got ahead of his class-mates.
  2. He will be ahead of others in English.
  3. The man on the watch cried out: "Dangers ahead!"
  4. Joan ran ahead to film us as we crossed the bridge.
  5. He ran on ahead.
  6. I think the work can be completed ahead of time.


用作副词 (adv.)
  1. A uniformed chauffeur stared straight ahead .
  2. Francesca was staring ahead into the darkness.
  3. I'll run ahead and warn them.
  4. Instead of turning left, he drove straight ahead towards the river.
  5. You go on ahead; I'll catch you up in a few minutes.
    你继续向前走, 过几分钟我会赶上你的。
  6. The road forks further ahead.
  7. Up ahead I saw the lights of a town.
  8. Turn left at the traffic lights, and you'll see the hospital straight ahead.
  9. Ahead sat an old man.
  10. Ahead there is work to be done.
  11. Ease down, there's a sharp bend ahead.
  12. There's a motel just a few miles ahead.
  13. We have made rapid strides ahead despite these initial handicaps.
  14. The times are marching ahead.
  15. We must think ahead and make a plan.
  16. You must decide a week ahead.
  17. Well, if you apply about a year ahead, you should get a grant.
  18. The singer is always booked up for a year ahead.
  1. The way ahead is tortuous.
  2. She didn't know the way ahead.
  3. The path ahead looked narrow and steep.
  4. His attention was firmly fixed on the road ahead.
  5. There is a bridge over the river ahead.
  6. I noticed a piece of paper lying on the grass ahead.
  7. The hills ahead were not wooded.
  8. Do you know the man ahead?
  9. The captain ordered full speed ahead.
  10. Those two countries have been going full speed ahead in nuclear arms race.
  11. We've got a lot of hard work ahead.
  12. Where will the money come from in the years ahead?
  1. The hospital is two blocks straight ahead.
  2. My watch is ahead by a couple of minutes.
  3. They are far ahead militarily.
  4. Our team was ahead by three points.
  5. Jack was ahead one thousand dollars in the deal.
  6. His score in math may be poor, but he will surely be ahead in foreign languages.
  7. The Labour government was 2% ahead in the polls.
  1. This will put us ahead.
  2. The Prime Minister's speech put his party 5% ahead in the opinion polls.
  3. He could see it about half a mile ahead.


用作副词 (adv.)
ahead of
  1. 在…前面 further forward in space or time than sb/sth; in front of sb/sth

    She walked ahead of him along the corridor. 她沿着走廊走到他前面。

    She was running ahead of me. 她跑在我的前方。

    The rude man elbowed me aside and got on the bus ahead of me. 那个粗鲁的家伙用胳膊肘把我挤到一旁,抢着在我前面上了公共汽车。

    He was running 50 meters ahead of me. 他跑在我前面50米。

    Two people were ahead of us, and travelling fast. 有两个人在我们前头,走得很快。

    She sat three rows ahead of us. 她坐在我们前面三排的位置上。

    Three boys were ahead of us. 有三个小伙子在我们前面。

    There was a large truck ahead of us. 我们前面有辆大卡车。

    The car ahead of us stopped suddenly. 我们前面的轿车突然停了下来。

    Ahead of us stretches a forest. 我们前面是一片森林。

    He has a busy day ahead of him. 后面还有繁忙的一天等着他。

    They say there is a great future ahead of me. 他们说我有远大的前程。

    We still have a hard time ahead of us. 在未来我们还有一段辛苦的时间。

    We have a lot of hard work lying ahead of us. 我们的面前有许多艰苦的工作。

    We have a busy day ahead of us. 我们将迎来忙碌的一天。

    Ahead of us lay ten days of intensive training. 我们还要进行十天的强化训练。

    The Social Democrats are going to have some problems ahead of them. 社会民主党人在不久的将来会遇到一些难题。

    The police car cut in ahead of the escaping robbers. 警车拦截了逃跑的强盗。

  2. 早于earlier than sb/sth

    The train has left five minutes ahead of time. 火车提前5分钟离站了。

    We'll be ahead of time when we get there. 我们一定会提前到达那里。

    April showers brought may flowers bursting into blossom ahead of time. 四月阵雨使山楂花提前开放。

    The school-bus came ahead of time, and Mary was not ready. 校车提前来了,玛丽还没有准备好。

    If you had warned me ahead of time, I wouldn't have gone. 你如果预先警告我,我就不会走了。

    We have aided him to finish the work ahead of time. 我们已帮助他提前完工了。

    The workers knocked themselves out to fulfil their production quota ahead of time. 工人们为提前完成生产指标,把全部力气都使上了。

    They arrived a few hours ahead of us. 他们比我们先到几个小时。

    She left one day ahead of him. 她是在他离开的头一天离开的。

    David finished ahead of me in last year's Grand Prix. 在去年的国际大奖赛上,戴维比我先完成比赛。

    Davis had for once arrived at the office ahead of him. 戴维斯有一次破天荒比他早到了办公室。

    Although I left home later than Jane, I arrived at the party ahead of her. 虽然我比简晚离开家,但我比她先到了聚会。

    Moscow is three hours ahead of London. 莫斯科比伦敦早3小时。

    Is Italian time an hour ahead of or an hour behind English time? 意大利时间比英国时间早1个小时还是晚1个小时?

    Beijing is about twelve hours ahead of Washington D. C. 北京比华盛顿特区早了12小时左右。

    Any further consultation with the guerrillas ahead of Thursday puts the plan into grave jeopardy. 任何在星期四以前与游击队再次会商的行动,都将使计划陷入很大的危害。

    We are sure to fulfil the task ahead of schedule if everyone bears down. 如果人人努力,我们一定能提前完成任务。

    There will be an inspection of the track ahead of tomorrow's race. 明天比赛前会先检查跑道。

    The earthquake happened a year ahead of scientific predictions. 地震比科学预测的提早1年发生。

    It repaid some foreign debts ahead of schedule. 它提前偿还了一些外债。

    Mexico announced its intention of repaying the loan ahead of schedule. 墨西哥表示有意提前还贷。

    I finished the work several days ahead of the deadline. 我在最后期限的前几天完成了工作。

  3. 领先further advanced than sb/sth; in front of sb, for example in a race or competition

    Their pay offer was well ahead of inflation. 他们提出的工资标准远远超过了通货膨胀率。

    As a writer, Sterne was ahead of his time. 作为一个作家,斯特恩领先于他的时代。

    His educational ideas were far ahead of his times. 他的教育思想远远超越了他所处的时代。

    Our company is well ahead of its main rivals. 我们公司(在经营上)远远超过了我们的主要竞争对手。

    She's always been ahead of the other students. 她一直领先于其他学生。

    Mary was clever, so she was soon ahead of the other girls of the class. 玛丽很聪明,所以不久就名列班上其他女生之前。

    She was always well ahead of the rest of the class. 她总是遥遥领先班上同学。

    I must get a book on geography or the other students will be ahead of me. 我必须设法搞到一本地理书,不然别的同学会超过我的。

    It is materially ahead of other countries. 在物质上,它比其他国家优越。

    She is ahead of me in English. 她英文比我强。

    Columbus was ahead of his times in his belief that the world was round. 哥伦布相信地球是圆的,这信念使他站在时代的前列。

    She was comfortably ahead of his class in mathematics. 她的数学稳得全班第一。

    The Russians were now ahead of them in space research. 俄罗斯人目前在太空研究方面领先于他们。

    He claimed that his country was years ahead of the rest of the world in technological development. 他声称他的国家在技术发展方面比世界其他国家都要先进许多年。

dead ahead
  1. 就在前面 in front of

    The school is dead ahead about two miles from here. 从这儿算起学校就在前面两英里处左右。

draw ahead
  1. 跑在前面, 赶到前面lead; go front

    He soon drew ahead, and left the other runners behind. 他很快就赶到前面去了, 把其他运动员甩在后面。

    The opposing team gradually drew ahead. 对手队渐渐占有优势。

    In the game he kept drawing ahead . 在比赛中, 他始终跑在前边。

    Our team was at the bottom of the local competition, but now they are drawing ahead . 在地方赛中我们队落在最后, 可现在却一马当先。

    The horse that we had chosen began to draw ahead halfway through the race. 我们选择的那匹马在比赛半途就开始领先了。

fire ahead
  1. 〈口〉开始; 热烈地谈论; 发问begin especially speak; talk actively or ask questions

    Fire ahead, we're all listening. 开始讲吧, 我们都听着呢。

forge ahead
  1. 稳步前进, 突然加速前进 go steadily or quickly forward

    The ship forged ahead through the waves. 那只船破浪前进。

    The trans-Atlantic liner forged ahead through the waves. 横渡大西洋的客轮破浪前进。

    The ship continued to forge ahead under a favourable wind. 船在顺风中继续前进。

    We were not alone in thinking that our education cause will continue to forge ahead with vigour. 并非只有我们认为我们的教育事业将要继续蓬勃发展。

    Heavy industry has forged ahead this year. 今年重工业有了发展。

    If we forge ahead continuously without a break, we'll be able to raise efficiency. 如果我们不停顿地继续前进, 我们就能提高效率。

    My work has been forging ahead recently. 近来我的工作稳步前进。

    She didn't do very well when she first went to school, but she's forged ahead in the last two years. 刚上学时她学得不太好, 但在最后两年中她迎头赶上了。

    The students have forged ahead with their work. 这些学生成绩优良。

    She seems to be forging ahead in her new job. 在新的工作中她似乎正在稳步前进。

    The winning crew rapidly forged ahead. 领先的赛艇队员拼命往前划。

    They forged ahead with their plans. 他们正在推行他们的计划。

get ahead
  1. (使)在前,行进 lead or be in front get sb ahead

    An early start will get us well ahead before the crowds.我们早点动身,会远远走在人们的前面。

    get ahead of sb/sth

    That bus has got ahead of the others.那辆汽车开在其他汽车前面。

    We slowed down, to let the other cars get ahead of us.我们减了速,让别的汽车开到前面去。

  2. 先进;领先;获得成功 be in front, especially in a competition; succeed get ahead

    The bright young man can get ahead quickly in the tourist industry.这位聪明的年轻人在旅游界能很快获得成功。

    If you want to get ahead in politics, you have to look confident.你如果想在政治上有所成就,就得表现出自信的样子。

    Jane used to be slow in class, but now she is getting ahead.简过去在班里学习成绩不佳,不过现在她正赶上去。

    A distinguished ability of social contact will surely help get ahead in business.出众的社交能力定能有助于商业上的成功。

    She got ahead by sheer determination.她完全靠决心取得了成功。

    As soon as he settled down to his new job, Alex got ahead splendidly.亚历克斯一旦安下心来致力于新的工作,就取得了显著的进展。

    He is the type of young man who will get ahead in any business he goes into.他是那种无论从事什么事业都会有成就的年轻人。

    He told his daughter to choose a career in which there were good opportunities for getting ahead.他告诉女儿要选择一种有获得成功良机的职业。

    get sb ahead

    Hard work will get you ahead.努力工作将使你获得成功。

    get ahead of sb/sth

    I got ahead of other people in the race.我在比赛中领先。

    John got ahead of the other runners in the race.约翰在竞赛中超过了所有的运动员。

    Keady soon got ahead of the other boys in the class.基迪很快超过了班上其他男生。

    By doing a little extra homework, the girl got ahead of the rest of the class.这个女孩做了一些额外的作业,她就超过了班里其他同学。

    He will get ahead of others in English.他的英语会比其他人好。

    You'll soon get ahead of the rest of the class if you really make up your mind to do so.假如你真下决心,便会很快在班上名列前茅。

    You have to get ahead of your competitors.你得胜过你的竞争者。

    Our scientists are trying hard to get ahead of those working in enemy countries.我们的科学家正竭尽全力超过敌对国的同行。

    Only hard work can get you ahead of your competitors.只有努力工作,你才能胜过和你竞争的人。

    If only our horse can get ahead of the leading runner, it can win the race!只要我们的马超过领先的赛手,它便能赢得胜利啦!

go ahead
  1. 先走,走在前面 move in front

    Go straight ahead. 一直向前走。

    Go ahead, what are you waiting for? 往前走啊,你在等什么?

    I'll go ahead and warn the others to expect you later. 我先走一步,告诉别人你过一会儿来。

    The athlete quickly went ahead in the race. 那位运动员很快就在比赛中跑在了前面。

    The dappled horse now began to go ahead . 花斑马开始领先了。

    He has gone ahead to see if the road is clear. 他到前面去了,看看道路是否通畅。

    A few carefully chosen men went ahead while the main body remained concealed in the valley. 精心挑选出来的几个人走在前面,大队人马则隐藏在山谷里。

  2. 继续下去,进行下去 be allowed to continue

    They went ahead and told us what had happened. 他们接着说下去, 告诉我们发生的事情。

    The police examined the cars and then allowed them to go ahead. 警察检查了这些车辆后才放行。

    In spite of the chairman's illness, the meeting will go ahead as planned. 主席虽然病了,会议仍照计划进行。

  3. 开始 begin

    Go ahead, we're all listening. 开始吧, 我们都听着呢。

    They went ahead and told us what had happened. 他们接着说下去,告诉我们发生的事情。

    The ballot will go ahead immediately. 投票选举马上就要开始了。

  4. 取得进展,有进步 advance; improve

    She is going ahead fast in her studies. 她学习进步很快。

    Is your work going ahead now that the materials have arrived? 材料已到,你的工作有进展吗?

  5. 〈非正〉自行其是 take action on one's own

    She just went ahead and did it. 她只管继续做她的。

    You can't just go ahead and sell the car, It's partly mine. 你不可自作主张卖汽车,这车有我一份。

    If you want to use my bike, go ahead. 你要是想用我的自行车,就用吧。

    If you think you can solve the problem, go ahead. 如果你认为你能解决这个问题,你就做吧。

go ahead with
  1. 带着〔同〕…一道先走,走在前面 move forward or in front together with (sb) go ahead with sb/sth

    Do you want to go ahead with the advance party, or would you rather be in the second group of climber?你愿意同先遣队一起先走,还是愿意参加第二批登山队?

  2. 继续进行(某事) be allowed to continue with (sth) go ahead with sth

    He just went ahead with his work.他只管不停地工作。

    Don't be disturbed; just go ahead with your work.不要受干扰,你们只管干你们的!

    After the rain stopped, we went ahead with our work of digging the canal.雨停之后,我们继续挖渠。

    While she was away he went ahead with the work and got a lot done.当她离开时,他继续做这项工作并做了很多。

    The council gave us permission to go ahead with our building plans.委员会允许我们继续实施我们的建设计划。

  3. 继续讲(某事) continue to speak (sth) go ahead with sth

    Please go ahead with your story, there won't be any more interruptions.接着讲你的故事吧,不会再有人打岔了。

keep ahead
  1. 保持领先地位remain in a forward or leading position keep ahead

    If I can only keep ahead for a few more yards, I can win this race.我只要能再领先几码,就能在这场赛跑中取胜。

    You need to work hard to keep ahead.你要努力才能保持领先优势。

    Jean used to have difficulty with her school work, but she has been keeping ahead for the past year.吉恩以前学习上常常有困难,但在过去的一年里一直领先。

    If you want to keep ahead in your job, you should ensure that your good work is noticed by those in power.如果你想在工作上一直比别人强的话,你就该让掌权者了解你在工作中取得的成绩。

    keep ahead of sb

    You have to keep ahead of your competitors in business or you will fail.在经营上你得超过竞争对手,否则就要完蛋。

lie ahead
  1. 展现在前面 emerge ahead

    A bright future lies ahead. 光明的未来展现在面前。

    What lies ahead for French industries cannot yet be foretold. 法国工业前景如何还不能预言。

    Ahead lay a vast expanse of wheat. 前面是一大片小麦。

look ahead
  1. 向前方看try to see a long way in front of one

    Look straight ahead and never turn your head back. 往前看,绝不可回头。

    Look straight ahead when driving. 开车时,眼睛要看着正前方。

    If you look ahead in the distance, you can just see the lights of the village. 如果你远望前方,只能看见村里的灯光。

    He was looking straight ahead. 他径直往前看去。

  2. 为前途考虑 think about, prepare, or plan for the future

    A wise man always looks ahead. 聪明的人总是会为未来作打算的。

    We must look ahead before we go further in the matter. 我们在进一步处理这事之前,必须考虑得长远些。

    You should look ahead—what are you going to need on the trip? 你应该事先考虑——你旅途中将会需要些什么?

    If you want to make a success of your life, you have to learn to look ahead. 如果你要在人生道路上取得成功,你就得学会做长远准备。

    Looking ahead to next summer, where would you like to go? 计划一下明年夏天,你想去哪儿?

    Planning officials are now looking ahead to the needs of the population in the year 2000. 制订计划的官员们现在就在考虑公元2000年时居民的需要。

move ahead
  1. 向前移 move forwards

    The line of cars moved ahead slowly. 车流缓缓地向前移动。

  2. 领先 lead; go in front

    The Democrats have moved ahead of the Republicans in the latest poll. 在最近一次投票中,民主党票数已超过共和党人。

    The horse that we were hoping to win began to move ahead halfway through the race. 我们希望在比赛中会赢的那匹马跑到半路就开始领先了。

  3. 进一步提高 advance

    The project is moving ahead slowly. 这个项目进展得很慢。

    Our team was at the bottom of the local competition, but now it is moving ahead. 过去我们队在地区比赛中倒数第一, 现在逐渐提前。

    Plans for the playing field are moving ahead . 兴建运动场的计划正在顺利进行。

    If you want to move ahead in your job, take advice from more experienced workers. 你若想在工作中有所长进, 应求教于更富经验的工人。

plan ahead
  1. 提前计划或安排 arrange sth before sth takes place

    If you plan ahead far enough, you can save a lot of money on your plane tickets. 你们若能及早计划好,那么你们就能从飞机票上省下好多钱。

    She never plans ahead—she doesn't like too much organization. 她从不预先筹划,她不喜欢太多的计划安排。

    We should plan ahead far enough. 我们应该早早订好计划。

    The event had been planned six months ahead . 这项活动6个月之前就计划好了。

    The party was planned weeks ahead. 聚会提前几个星期就已筹划好了。

press ahead
  1. 拥挤向前;加紧,继续努力 hurry forward; continue in a determined way

    We must press ahead with our effort to reach an agreement. 我们要加紧努力,设法达成协议。

    The government is pressing ahead with its plans to reorganize the health service. 政府正在推行重组公共医疗事业的计划。

    The men gave a loud cheer at these words and pressed ahead. 听到这番话,人们大声欢呼,纷纷涌向前来。

    It was getting dark.So the travellers pressed ahead. 天快黑了,因此旅行者们尽快赶路。

    We can either make camp now, or press ahead until dark and be that much nearer our objective. 我们要么现在扎营,要么在天黑前加紧行动,更接近我们的目标。

    They began to press ahead with their new policy. 他们开始加紧推行他们的新政策。

    They wanted us to press ahead with the work. 他们要我们加紧进行这项工作。

pull ahead
  1. 赶上(某人),超过(某事) overtake sb or sth pull ahead

    He picked up speed and pulled ahead in the last hundred meters.他越跑越快,在最后一百米冲到前面去了。

    The winner of the men's 400 meters pulled ahead on the last bend.男子400米的获胜者是在最后一个弯道处超到前面去的。

    pull ahead of sb/sth

    The car soon pulled ahead of the bus.小汽车很快超过了公共汽车。

    The Rolls Royce pulled ahead of us and disappeared into the distance.那辆劳斯莱斯豪华轿车超过我们,很快便在远处消失不见了。

push ahead
  1. 推动pull forward push ahead

    Now that the problem is solved, there is nothing to stop us pushing ahead.既然那个问题已经解决了,就没有什么阻止我们前进了。

    push ahead with sth

    Whatever happens, we must push ahead with our plan to increase production.无论发生什么事, 我们必须贯彻执行增产计划。

    push sthahead

    They are pushing ahead the development of workers' strikes.他们在推动工人罢工运动的开展。

remain ahead
  1. 保持领先地位stay in a forward or leading position, in front of others remain ahead

    If I can only remain ahead for a few more yards, I can win this race.只要我能保持领先几码, 我就能赢得这次赛跑。

    Jane used to have difficulty with her school work, but she has improved a lot recently, and now finds it easier to remain ahead.简过去在学业上有不少困难, 但是最近已大有进步, 现在她发现在班上名列前茅是很容易的。

    remain ahead of sb

    You have to work hard to remain ahead of your competitors in business, or you can easily lose your leading position.你必须努力工作以保持领先于公司里其他竞争者, 否则, 你就会轻易地失去这种地位。

see sth ahead
  1. 看到前方的…;朝前看 have sight (of sth) in the distance

    At last the sailors saw land ahead. 最后水手们看到陆地了。

  2. 预见 think ahead; plan for or have knowledge of the future

    I see many difficulties ahead. 我预见到前面有许多困难。

send ahead
  1. 预先送出;事先捎信 send sb or sth in advance; send a message in advance of one send ahead

    I sent an expensive tape recorder on ahead .我事先送去一台贵重的录音机。

    I'll send my luggage on ahead.我要把行李先送走。

    We sent our luggage on ahead, and it was there when we got to the hotel.我们先寄走了行李,当我们到达旅馆时它已经在那里了。

    Don't worry about a bed for tonight; I've sent ahead to the hotel to ask them to keep a room for us.不要担心今晚的住宿问题,我已事先与旅馆联系,请他们给我们留个房间。

    send sth ahead

    It's best to send the heavy cases ahead so that they'll be there already when we arrive.最好事先把这些沉重的箱子运走,这样我们到达时,箱子已经到了。

set sth ahead
  1. 前进, 生长 make (sth) advance

    The warm weather has set the crops ahead by a month. 暖和的天气使作物一个月就长了起来。

  2. 提前 move or change (sth such as an event ) to an earlier time or date

    We were able to set the meeting ahead because the report was prepared earlier than we expected. 我们提前召开了会议, 因为报告比预定日期提前准备好了。

  3. 往前拨 move the hands of (a clock or watch) to a later time

    In spring we usually set the clocks ahead one hour, to take advantage of the summer daylight. 春季我们通常把钟往前拨一小时, 以充分利用夏天的白昼。

shoot ahead
  1. 飞速向前; 处于领先地位rapidly progress; take the lead

    Towards the end of the run, he shot ahead . 赛跑近终点时, 他猛然冲到前面去了。

stay ahead
  1. 保持位置上的领先remain in a forward or leading position

    If I can only stay ahead for a few more yards, I can win this race. 如果在最后我能保持领先几码, 我就得胜了。

    If I can only stay ahead of the other runners, now that I am in the lead, I can win this race! 既然我现在已跑在所有人的前头了, 如果我能保持住, 我就胜利了。


用作副词 (adv.)
动词+~ 名词+~ ~+介词


  • Galloping straight a-head.




  1. ahead在指“在前”时,是表达了将来的一个时间,未发生的,指“以后”。

    I have a very busy day ahead of me.

  2. ahead在指“预先”时,表达的是之前的一个时间,指“以前”。

    We must decide a week ahead.

  1. ahead的基本意思是“在前面”,指空间、时间、位置超前,也可指关系“超过”“比…强”。ahead虽译为“在前”,但其含义有时却指“以后”,即“到将来”。
  2. ahead常修饰动词,在句中作状语, 也可修饰名词或名词性短语,在句中作后置定语。
  3. ahead还可作表语,后面接介词in时表示“在某方面领先”; 后面接介词of时表示“在前,优于,面临着”。
  4. ahead不用于比较等级。


ahead of, in front of
ahead of和in front of均可表示“在…前面”,指具体的或比喻的空间时,两者均可使用;指时间时,只可使用ahead of。例如:
He was running 50 meters ahead of〔before〕 me.他跑在我前面50米。
At that moment two girls passed in front of me.那时有两个姑娘在我面前经过。
They say there is a great future ahead of me.他们说我有远大的前程。
You have a splendid life in front of you.你有大好的前程。
ahead, before, forward
  • The commander sent a group of scouts ahead.
  • 指挥员派一支侦察队到前面去。
  • The commander sent a company forward.
  • 指挥员调一连人到前面来。
  • 前句表示小分队离开大部到前面去, 后句则表示把一人调至队首或较前面的位置。
  • 在航海上, ahead指方向或位置在船外或船的前部; 而forward则指中部靠前的位置。
  • 用于引申意, 也有同样的区别, 如look ahead可指预见长远后果而不计较当前得失, 而look forward则指预料到某事可能或一定能发生。
3.用于指可顺、逆变化的机械运动时,ahead和forward则无明显差别,例如按顺时针拨动表针,可说set the clock forward,也可说set the clock ahead。


  1. 他们提前到达目的地。

    They reached their aims in front of time.

    They reached their aims ahead of time.

    指时间时,只可使用ahead of。


  • ☆ 1620左右英入进语,直接源自古英语,意为在前面。



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