• - (照耀在物体上、使人能看见物体的一种物质) light; ray:

    moonlight; 月光

    sunlight; sunshine; 日光

    - (景物) scenery:

    scene; view; sight; 风光

    a sunlit and enchanting scene of spring 春光明媚

    - (光彩; 荣誉) honour; glory; lustre:

    win honour for one's country; 为国争光

    shed lustre on [add lustre to] the evening party 给晚会增光

    - (明亮; 生辉) brightness:

    bright-eyed 双目有光

    - (恩惠) favour; grace:

    benefit from association with sb.; 沾光

    excuse me 借光

    - (时光) time
    - (特指日、 月、星辰等天体) celestial body
    - (姓氏) a surname 光逸 Guang Yi
  • - (光大) glorify; recover; regain:

    win praises for one's ancestors and enrich one's posterity; 光前裕后

    bring honour to the family name 光耀门楣[庭]

    - (露在外面) bare; be naked:

    be bareheaded; 光着头

    He was naked to the waist. 他光着上身。

    - (照耀) shine
  • - (光滑; 光溜) smooth; glossy:

    make sth. clean and smooth by scraping and polishing; 刮垢磨光

    This paper is not smooth enough. 这纸不太光。

    - (露着的) naked; nude; bare:

    barefooted; 光脚

    barebacked 光脊梁

    - (一点不剩) used up; with nothing left:

    Two weeks passed. They ran out of money. 两星期过去,他们的钱用光了。

    He has eaten up the whole cake. 他把整块蛋糕都吃光了。

    - [敬] (表示光荣) glorious; gracious:

    It was gracious of you to come. 承蒙光临。

    - (明亮的) bright
  • - (只; 单) only; alone; merely:

    Don't work by enthusiasm alone. 不要光凭热情去工作。

    Good intention alone is not enough. 光有好的意愿还不够。



  1. 光线太暗,我看书有困难。
    The light was too dim for me to read easily.
  2. 树叶使光线漫射。
    The light was diffused by the leaves.
  3. 你同意光的波动理论吗?
    Do you agree to the wave theory of light?
  4. 泰吉·玛哈尔陵在明亮的月光下显得光彩夺目。
    The bright moonlight showed the Taj Mahal in all its glory.
  5. 你挡住了我的光线,我没法看书。
    I can't read while you are standing in my light.
  6. 所有的植物都需要水和阳光。
    All plants need water and light.
  7. 光比任何东西都传播得快。
    Nothing can travel faster than light.
  8. 爱因斯坦改变了科学上关于光的传统观念。
    Classical scientific ideas about light were changed by Einstein.
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