• - (明亮) bright; brilliant; light:

    be brightly lit; be brilliantly illuminated; 灯火通明

    a full moon; 一轮明月

    - (明白;清楚) clear; distinct:

    make sure; 查明

    show clearly; 充分说明

    - (公开;显露在外;不隐蔽) open; overt; visible; apparent:

    give both overt and covert support 明里暗里支持

    - (眼力好; 眼光正确; 对事物现象看得清) clear-sighted; sharp-eyed; discerning:

    clever; intelligent; 聪明

    astute; shrewd; bright; 精明

    - (心地光明) aboveboard; candid; honest:

    open and aboveboard; plain dealing; 光明磊落

    open and aboveboard; just and honourable 正大光明

  • - (懂得;了解) understand; comprehend; know:

    be deeply conscious of the righteousness of a cause; 深明大义

    do not know gains and losses [advantages and disadvantages] 不明利害

  • - (朝代) the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
    - (视觉) sight:

    lose one's sight; 失明

    regain one's sight 复明

    - (次于今年、 今天的) immediately following in time:

    next year; 明年

    tomorrow evening 明晚

    - (人世间) the world
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ming Yuzhen 明玉珍



  1. 我们决定把婚礼推迟到明年。
    We decided to delay our wedding until next year.
  2. 新的税收制度将于明年实行。
    A new system of taxation will be brought into effect next year.
  3. 明年将要修建一条超级高速公路。
    A superhighway will be constructed next year.
  4. 基于我们销售情况的预测,我们明年将开始赚钱。
    On the basis of our sales forecasts, we may begin to make a profit next year.
  5. 他们建造一个新的国家公园的工程将于明年完工。
    Their project to establish a new national park will be completed next year.
  6. 我希望明年某一时候再见到你。
    I hope to see you again sometime next year.
  7. 明年我就满三十岁了。
    I'll be thirty next year.
  8. 如果你到今晚把手头上的工作做完,你明天就可以休息。
    Provided/Providing (that) you clear your desk by this evening, you can have tomorrow off.


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