• - (一个) single; only; sole:

    only son 独子

  • - (独自) alone; by oneself; in solitude:

    live a solitary existence; 独居

    sit alone 独坐

    - (唯独) only:

    He's the only one who isn't here yet. 大家都来了,独有他还没来。

  • - (年老没有儿子的人) old people without offspring; the childless:

    widowers, widows, orphans and the childless 鳏寡孤独

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Du Li 独立



  1. 她反复地给孩子们说,他们不可以独自横过马路。
    She drummed it into the children that they must not cross the road alone.
  2. 他晚年独居,从不欢迎来访者。
    In the latter years of his life he lived alone and never welcomed visitors.
  3. 她单独去是很危险的。
    It's unsafe for her to go alone.
  4. 一个面色忧郁的年轻女人独自坐在长凳上。
    A young woman, of sullen aspect, was sitting alone on the bench.
  5. 我独自在教室里。
    I was alone in the classroom.
  6. 我想不通你怎么会让孩子独自去旅行。
    I can't conceive of your allowing the child to travel alone.
  7. 他办事独断独行。
    He had an autocratic way of doing his job.
  8. 在独享虚拟主机下,你的网站是独自一个享用服务器的整个虚拟主机的。
    With dedicated hosting your web site is hosted on a dedicated server.
  9. 你不介意长时间一个人独处。
    You do not mind being alone for extended periods of time.


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