• - (停止; 拦阻) stop; cut out:

    stop; end; 终止

    stop halfway; discontinue; suspend; 中止

    - (截止) close; end:

    close at the end of this month; 止于本月末

    The 25th of this month is the closing day for applications 申请到本月25日止。

  • - (仅; 只) only; just:

    not just once; more than once 不止一次

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zhi Ping 止平



  1. 老师走进教室时,男孩子们停止喧哗。
    The boys stopped their clatter when the teacher came into the classroom.
  2. 他为阻止她作出了极大的努力。
    He made strenuous attempts to stop her.
  3. 我们得想个办法阻止他和她来往。
    We must stop him from seeing her somehow.
  4. 警方在竞选之夜制止了几处骚乱。
    The police stopped several riots on election night.
  5. 汽车停止时震动了一下。
    The car stopped with a jolt.
  6. 他挤进两人中间,阻止他们打架。
    He interposed himself between them to stop them fighting.
  7. 他立刻停止了弹钢琴。
    He stopped playing the piano at once.
  8. 鉴于她已经到了法定的结婚年龄,我想象不出你怎么可以阻止她。
    Seeing that she's legally old enough to get married, I don't see how you can stop her.
  9. 那首流止歌曲正在人口稠密的城市流止。
    The pop song is popular in the populous city.
  10. 我觉得你应该先打一针止止疼。
    I think you need a shot to relieve the pain first.


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