• - (光线强; 明亮) bright; light:

    light and spacious; 敞亮

    The floor has been scrubbed clean and shiny. 地板擦得真亮。

    - (声音强; 响亮) loud and clear; resounding:

    loud and clear; sonorous; 洪亮

    She has a resonant voice. 她的嗓子真亮。

    - (开朗; 清楚) enlightened; open and clear:

    be sharp-eyed and clearheaded; 心明眼亮

    I find what you say most enlightening. 你这一说,我心里头亮了。

  • - (灯光; 亮光) light:

    Please move a little further; you're standing in my light. 请移开一些,你挡我的亮了。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Liang Fu 亮父

  • - (发光) light; brighten; shine:

    light the kerosene lamp; 亮起煤油灯

    He flashed the torch on for a second. 他把手电筒亮了一下。

    - (使声音响亮) lift voice; resound:

    lift one's voice 亮起嗓子

    - (显露; 显示) reveal; show; appear; display:

    disclose one's plan; tell the whole thing; 把底儿亮出来

    declare one's position; air one's view; 亮观点



  1. 我们点燃了蜡烛,蜡烛照亮了房间。
    We lit the candle and the candle lit the room.
  2. 这辆汽车亮起了危险信号灯。
    The car had its hazard warning lights on.
  3. 当她看到他走过来的时候,她的脸亮了起来。
    Her face lit up when she saw he was coming.
  4. 天渐渐亮了。
    It's beginning to get light.
  5. 那黑洞洞的房间顿时被强烈的闪电照亮了。
    The dark room was momentarily lit up by a vivid flash of lightning.
  6. 一到黄昏灯就亮了。
    The lights go on at dusk.


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