• - (没有高低凹凸,不倾斜) flat; level; even; smooth:

    smooth out the paper; 把纸铺平

    help the patient to lie stretched out; 让病人躺平

    - (高度相同; 不相上下) on the same level; equal:

    The snow is even with the window. 积雪与窗子相平。

    Those children want to be level with adults. 那些孩子要与大人们平起平坐。

    - (平均; 公平) equal; fair; impartial:

    a fair argument; an unbiased view; 持平之论

    divide equally 平分

    - (安定; 宁静) calm; peaceful; quiet:

    even-tempered and good-humoured; calm; 心平气和

    The sea was calm. 海上风平浪静。

    - (经常的; 普通的) average; common:

    on ordinary days; 平日

    have average school results 学习成绩平平

  • - (使平) level; even:

    level the ground; 把地平一平

    The peasants have levelled three hundred acres of land. 农民们平了300英亩地。

    - (在比较时没有高低、先后) be on the same level; equal:

    equal a world record; 平世界纪录

    The water has been on the same level with the banks. 水已经平了河岸。

    - (抑止怒气) pacify; assuage; calm down:

    assuage popular indignation; 平民愤

    redress the grievances of the people; 为民平愤

    - (用武力镇压; 平定) put down; suppress:

    put down a rebellion [revolt] 平叛

  • - {体} (平局) make the same score; tie; draw:

    The score is now seven all. 场上比分是 7平。

    The two teams tied at 15-15. 双方打成15平。

    - {语} (古汉语四声之一: 平声) level tone, one of the four tones in classical Chinese
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ping Tao 平涛



  1. 我们需要一台挖掘机来平整土地。
    We need a mechanical digger to level the ground.
  2. 这段时间的失业人数又达到了创纪录水平。
    In this period, unemployment reaches record levels.
  3. 我已经通过了日语的中级水平考试。
    I've passed the intermediate level exam of Japanese.
  4. 足球场地应该平坦。
    A football field should be level.
  5. 空袭几乎把这座城镇夷为平地。
    The bombing raid practically leveled the town.
  6. 鸽子是和平的象征。
    The dove is the symbol of peace.


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