• - (用力使朝自己所在的方向或跟着自己移动) pull; drag; draw; tug:

    draw a net in; 拉网

    pull a rickshaw; 拉人力车

    - (用车载运) convey by vehicles; haul; transport; carry:

    drive a truck to carry cargo; 开卡车拉货

    The tractor hauled the fertilizer away. 拖拉机把肥料拉走了。

    - (带领转移) move:

    move the wounded soldiers to the rear 把伤兵拉到后方

    - (演奏乐器) play (certain musical instruments):

    play the violin [accordion] 拉小提琴[手风琴]

    - (拖长; 使延长) drag out; draw out; space out:

    pull a long face; 拉下脸

    drawl; 拉长声音唱

    - (抚养) bring up:

    brought up three children; 拉大了三个孩子

    I was brought up by my paternal aunt. 我是由姑姑拉大的。

    - (帮助) help; assist:

    give [lend] him a helping hand 拉他一把

    - (牵累; 拉扯) implicate; drag in; involve in:

    be implicated in the trouble; 被拉进了那场纠纷中

    Why drag in others when it was all your own doing? 自己做的事,为什么要拉上别人?

    - (拉拢; 联络) solicit; draw in; canvass; win over:

    solicit shareholders; 拉股

    canvass votes 拉选票

    - (闲谈) chat:

    have a chat; engage in chitchat 拉家常

    - (逼迫) press:

    grab sb. for military service; press-gang; forcibly conscript; 拉壮丁

    press sb. to work on a project 拉民工

    - (欠账) owe:

    be in great debt; owe a mountain of debts 拉一屁股债

    - (排泄) empty the bowels:

    have loose bowels; 拉肚子

    suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea 又吐又拉

    - (乒乓球技法之一) lift
    - (摧毁; 折断) destroy; smash; break:

    break a dead branch from a tree; (as easy as) crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood 摧枯拉朽

  • - (拉丁美洲的简称) short for Latin America



  1. 汤姆每次转身都把被子往他那边再拉一些。
    Every time Tom rolled over he pulled more of the bedclothes to his side.
  2. 突然窗帘拉了开来,一道强光照了进来。
    The curtain was suddenly drawn and a bright light shone in.
  3. 天黑了,我把窗帘拉上。
    I drew the curtain as it was getting dark.
  4. 马拉着一辆装满土豆的板车。
    The horse pulled a cart loaded with potatoes.
  5. 他抓住我的领子把我拉倒他面前。
    He grabbed my collar and pulled me towards him.
  6. 他使劲拉住缰绳。
    He pulled at the reins.
  7. 你只要拉这个拉出器,就可以很容易地把罐头打开。
    You may open the tin simply by pulling the puller.
  8. 这台拖拉机拉力大。
    The tractor pulls well.


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