• - (向外用力使物体移动) push; shove:

    push [shove] the door open; 把门推开

    put the shot [weight]; 推铅球

    - (磨或碾) turn a mill or grindstone; grind:

    grind wheat 推麦子

    - (剪或削) cut; pare:

    plane and polish floor; 推光地板

    have one's head shaved 推个光头

    - (使事情开展) push forward; promote; advance; extend:

    push ahead with one's work 把工作向前推一步

    - (推断) deduce; infer:

    deduce ten from one; 因一推十

    infer a motive from an effect 从效果推知动机

    - (辞让) decline:

    politely decline sb.'s offer 解衣推食

    - (推委; 推托) push away; shift:

    shift the responsibility on to others 把责任推给别人

    - (推迟) put off; postpone; defer:

    put off a meeting for two days 把会议推后两天

    - (推选; 推举) elect; select; choose:

    select the capable men and put them in power; 推贤与能

    choose him as a leader 推他为头

    - (推崇) hold in esteem; praise highly:

    esteem and commend 推许



  1. 他推着手推车沿路走过。
    He trundled a wheelbarrow down the path.
  2. 他推我,我跌了下来。
    He pushed me and I fell over.
  3. 工人们正在推卷线杆。
    The worker is pushing the distaff.
  4. 别把工作都推给我!
    Don't try to shove all the work onto me!
  5. 他把她拖到门口,猛地把她推到马路上。
    He dragged her out of the door and shoved her into the street.
  6. 他们把小船又往水里推了推。
    They pushed the boat further into the water.
  7. 运动员们离开赛场时,被愤怒的人群推搡着。
    The players were jostled by an angry crowd as they left the field.
  8. 推销员拒绝讨价还价。
    The salesman refused to bargain over the price.


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