• - (方向) direction:

    wind direction; 风向

    do not know where (he; it) went; be nowhere to be found; 不知去向

    - (朝北的窗子) the window facing north
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Xiang Xiu 向秀

  • - (对着) face; turn towards:

    The sunflower turns towards the sun. 向日葵向着太阳。

    This room faces east. 这间房子向东。

    - (偏袒) take sb.'s part; side with; be partial to:

    stand by what is right, not by a particular person; side with whoever is right; 向理不向人

    You always take his side. 你老是向着他。

  • - (表示动作的方向) towards:

    march from victory to victory; 从胜利走向胜利

    report to one's superior on one's work; 向上级汇报工作

  • - (向来) always; all along:

    There's no precedent for this. 向无此例。



  1. 他向我求婚,但我拒绝了。
    He asked me to marry him but I refused.
  2. 我们是朝正北方向航行。
    Our course was straight to the north.
  3. 律师向我们解释了新法律。
    The lawyer explained the new law to us.
  4. 法律禁止向18岁以下的人出售含有酒精的饮料。
    The law forbids the sale of alcohol to people under 18.
  5. 如果你万一见到他,请代我向他致意。
    If you should happen to see him, please give him my regards.
  6. 代我向你们全家问好。
    Give my best to your family.
  7. 向导带领我们到河边。
    The guide led us to the river.


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