• - (思索) think; ponder:

    think of a way; try to find a solution; 想办法

    have really thought of everything; 想得真周到

    - (推测; 认为) suppose; reckon; consider; think:

    Do you think it will rain? 你想会下雨吗?

    Who could have supposed it was you who did it? 谁会想到这是你干的?

    - (希望; 打算) want to; would like to; feel like (doing sth.):

    Do you want to see a football match? 你想看足球赛吗?

    I should very much like to see it. 我非常想看看它。

    - (怀念; 想念) remember with longing; miss:

    After you left, we all missed you. 你走了以后,我们都很想你。

    I have a great longing for home. 我非常想家。



  1. 我想存点儿钱。
    I'd like to deposit some money.
  2. 我很想吃饺子。
    I feel like having some dumplings.
  3. 这位演说者除了想搞笑之外,没有别的目的。
    The speaker has no other purpose except to make people laugh.
  4. 那才是你脑子里想的!
    That's what you think!
  5. 别人怎样想对我们多半会产生很大影响。
    What others think exercises a great influence on most of us.
  6. 想到再次见到她,他就高兴起来。
    He cheered up at the thought of seeing her again.
  7. 想过舒适的生活不过是普通人的本性。
    It's only human nature to want a comfortable life.


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