• - (结实; 牢固; 坚硬) firm; hard; solid:

    strong; 坚固

    firm; stable; 稳固

  • - (坚决地; 坚定地) firmly; resolutely:

    firmly invite; 固请

    resolutely refuse; firmly decline 固辞

    - (本来; 原本) originally; in the first place; as a matter of course:

    It is just as it should be. 固当如此。

    - (固然) certainly; admittedly; assuredly:

    Admittedly we can make the journey by train, but there is no harm in our travelling by boat. 乘车固可,乘船亦无不可。

  • - (使坚固) solidify; consolidate; strengthen:

    strengthen the dyke 固堤

    - (保卫; 防御) defend:

    It's not high mountains and deep valleys that best serve to defend a country. 固国不以山溪之险。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gu Cheng 固乘



  1. 乾酪是固体,奶是液体。
    Cheese is a solid; milk is a liquid.
  2. 冰是水的固体状态。
    Ice is water in solid state.
  3. 水结冰时便变成固体。
    Water becomes solid when it freezes.
  4. 他们建造了一个坚固的城垛。
    They built a strong battlement
  5. 这个防卫墙很坚固。
    The battlement is very strong.
  6. 这座桥不够牢固,车辆不能通行。
    The bridge is not strong enough to allow the passage of vehicles.
  7. 这地基不够牢固,无法承受房屋的重量。
    The foundations were not strong enough to sustain the weight of the house.
  8. 北京有很多坚固而雄伟的城楼。
    There are many strong and stately towers in Beijing.


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