• - (比照人物制成的形象) likeness (of sb.); portrait; picture:

    portrait; 画像

    gold [bronze; silver] statue; 金 [铜; 银]像

    - {物} image:

    real [virtual] image 实[虚]像

  • - (在形象上相同或有共同点) be like; resemble; take after:

    The two sisters are very much alike. 姐妹俩长得很像。

    She resembles her sister in appearance but not in character. 她外貌上像她的姐姐,性格上却不同。

    - (好像) look as if; seem:

    The paddy fields looked like carpets of fresh green. 稻田像一片片翠绿的地毯。

    She seems an unusually clever girl. 她看起来像是一个异常聪明的姑娘。

    - (比如; 如) such as; like:

    The Tang Dynasty produced a host of great poets, such as Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi. 唐朝有很多大诗人,像李白、杜甫、白居易等。

    Heroes such as Huang Jiguang will always live in the hearts of the people. 像黄继光这样的英雄人物,将永远活在人民的心里。



  1. 她看上去像一个矜持的少女。
    She looks like a very demure young lady.
  2. 那男子一举一动像个大男孩。
    That man behaves like an overgrown child.
  3. 那人太阳穴上贴了一块膏药,看上去像个卡通人物。
    The man looks like a cartoon character with a plaster on his temple.
  4. 我爱她就像爱自己的女儿一样。
    I have loved her like a father should.
  5. 她像只小羊羔一样温柔。
    She is gentle like a lamb.
  6. 他看上去像欧洲人。
    He looks European.
  7. 琴和琼很难分得出来,她们长得太像了。
    It's difficult to tell Jean from Joan; they look so alike.
  8. 那样才像话。
    That's more like it.


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