• - (剩下) remain; leave:

    Nine minus four is five.; Four from nine leaves five.; If you take (away) 4 from 9, 5 remains. 9减4余5。

    After paying all the expenses, there is a balance of fifty yuan. 收支相抵,尚余50元。

  • - (剩下的) surplus; spare; remaining:

    afterglow; 落日余辉

    the remaining part; the remainder; 下余部分

  • - (大数或度量单位等后面的零头) more than; odd; over:

    over 200 jin; 200余斤

    fifty odd years 50余年

  • - (指某种事情、情况以外或以后的时间) spare time:

    over a cup of tea or after a few glasses of wine; at one's leisure; 茶余酒后

    after working hours; after work 工作之余

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Yu Yuan 余渊

    - (我) I



  1. 我所有的业余时间都用在诗歌阅读上。
    I spent all my spare time reading poetry.
  2. 巴西有很多剩余咖啡。
    Brazil has a big surplus of coffee.
  3. 他在乡村度过余生。
    He spent the remainder of his life in the country.
  4. 有关方面就我的银行存款余额对我进行了详细的调查。
    I was subjected to a lengthy inquisition into the state of my bank balance.
  5. 你是专职的,我是业余的。
    You are a professional, but I am an amateur.
  6. 这个女孩把她所有的业余时间都用来照顾长期生病的母亲。
    The girl spent all her spare time to take after her invalid mother.
  7. 那篝火只有余烬尚存。
    Only the embers of the bonfire remained.
  8. 我们准备把多余的苹果全部送人。
    We are giving away all our surplus apples.


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