• - (不包含什么; 里面没有东西或没有内容; 不切实际的) empty; hollow; void:

    an empty room; 空房间

    a bottle empty of wine; 空酒瓶

  • - (天空) sky; air:

    territorial sky [air]; 领空

    a clear [bright] sky; 晴空

    - {佛教} emptiness; void of the world of senses:

    All space-directions are void.; Everything is emptiness. 四大皆空。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Kong Quan 空全

  • - (没有效果; 白白地) for nothing; in vain:

    make fruitless efforts; 空忙

    make a journey for nothing 空跑一趟

  • - (腾出来; 使空) leave empty or blank; empty; vacate:

    empty a drawer; 空出一个抽屉

    Leave two blank spaces at the beginning of each paragraph. 每段开头要空两格。

  • - (没有被利用或里面缺少东西) unoccupied; vacant; blank:

    a vacant room; 空房

    blank line; 空行

  • - (尚未占用的地方) empty space:

    Leave a little more space between the rows. 各行之间多留点空儿。

    Fill the blank spaces with right words. 用正确的词填空。

    - (尚未占用的时间) free time; spare time:

    I'm busy today. Let's talk about it some other day. 今天没空儿,改日再谈吧。

    Are you free? 你有空儿吗?



  1. 新鲜空气和运动有益于健康。
    Fresh air and exercise are good for the health.
  2. 打开窗户,让新鲜的空气进来。
    Open the window and let in some fresh air.
  3. 落日把天空染成金色。
    The setting sun gilds the sky.
  4. 天空慢慢由蓝色变为红色。
    The sky slowly changed from blue to red.
  5. 暴风雨来临时,天空转暗。
    The sky turned dark as the storm came near.
  6. 她抬起头来,凝望着十二月份阴沉沉的天空。
    She looked up staring at the sombre December sky.
  7. 夜空中的星星数不清。
    The stars in the night sky are innumerable.
  8. 云是天空中的水汽团。
    A cloud is a mass of vapor in the sky.


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