• - (没有事情; 没有活动; 有空) not busy; idle; unoccupied:

    won't be an idler; 不吃闲饭

    eat the bread of idleness; 吃闲饭

    - (不在使用中) not in use; unoccupied; lying idle:

    unoccupied [vacant] room or house; 闲房

    Don't let the machine stand idle! 别让机器闲着!

    - (与正事无关的) chatty; digressiv
  • - (闲空儿) spare [free] time; leisure:

    slack season in farming; 农闲

    snatch a little leisure from a busy life; 忙里偷闲



  1. 我目前的这一切额外工作用去了我的闲暇时间。
    All this extra work I'm doing is breaking into my leisure time.
  2. 屡次侵占我的闲暇时间,我很反感。
    I resent these incursions into/upon my leisure time.
  3. 现今生活分成工作和闲暇两部分。
    Life today is compartmentalized into work and leisure.
  4. 你通常是怎样度过你的空闲时间?
    How do you usually spend your leisure time?
  5. 他们难得清闲。
    They're seldom at leisure.
  6. 爱情是闲者的正事,忙者的“忙里偷闲”。
    Love is the business of the idle but idleness of the busy.
  7. 我一看,那正是聊闲天儿、说体己话的时候了。
    I felt it was a time for conversation and confidence.
  8. 这件旧外套在橱中闲放已好几年了。
    The old coat has been kicking around the closet for years.
  9. 你真的想闲混一辈子吗?
    Do you really want to saunter through life?
  10. 不要传播闲言。
    Do not give currency to idle gossip.


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