• - (缝隙; 裂缝) crack; chink; crevice:

    a crack between a door and its frame; 门隙

    a crack in the wall; 墙隙

    - (空闲) gap; interval:

    interval between busy seasons in farming 农隙

    - (漏洞; 机会) loophole; opportunity:

    seize an opportunity to break through the encirclement; 乘隙突围

    no loophole to take advantage of 无隙可乘

    - (感情上的裂痕) discord; rift:

    bear no ill will; bear no grudge 并无嫌隙



  1. 蒸气从金属缝隙中冒出来。
    Steam puffed up from a crack in the metal.
  2. 裂缝,裂口岩石块中的碎片或缝隙,在其周围未发生过可被觉察到的运动
    A fracture or crack in a rock mass along which no appreciable movement has occurred.
  3. 裂缝如裂缝或缝隙之类狭窄的裂口
    A narrow opening, such as a crack or fissure.
  4. 她透过帘子的缝隙观望。
    She looked through a crack in the curtains.
  5. 在土壤颗粒之间就有着许多微小的空隙和洞隙。
    Small voids and openings occur between grains of soil.
  6. 林隙冠空隙的斑块分形维数小于扩展林隙的斑块分形维数。
    The patch fractal dimension of canopy gaps is smaller than that of the expended gap.
  7. 工作游隙是指轴承实际运转条件下的游隙。
    Work clearance refers to the bearing clearance under actual operating conditions.
  8. 建议安装气隙和排放管道。
    The installation of an air gap and drain line are recommended.
  9. 前述控制信道由与各组相关联的多个时隙构成。
    The control channel comprises time slots related with their respective groups.
  10. 这些附加的离子叫做填隙式离子。
    These additional ions are called interstitial ions.


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