• - (空隙) space in between; opening:

    seize an opportunity; 乘间

    closely united; on intimate terms 亲密无间

  • - (隔开) separate:

    partition a room into two; 把一间屋间成两间

    chequered with black and white; 黑白相间

    - (挑拨使人不和; 离间) sow discord:

    sow discord; drive a wedge between 离间

    - (拔去或锄去多余的幼苗) thin out (seedlings):

    thin out maize seedlings 间玉米苗

  • - (中间) between; among:

    between labour and capital; 劳资之间

    among comrades; 同志之间

    - (一定的空间或时间里) with a definite time or space:

    during the vacation; 假期间

    (in) the world; 世间

    - (一间屋子; 房间) room:

    inner [outer] room; 里[外]间

    cloakroom 衣帽间

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jian Guang 间广

  • - (房屋的最小单位):

    a three-bay shop front; 三间门面

    a hut; 一间茅屋



  1. 人类的种种经验都证明了爱与怕之间的紧密联系。
    All kinds of human experience testify to the close link between love and fear.
  2. 他们之间的交易告吹了。
    The transaction between them was dismissed.
  3. 他挤进两人中间,阻止他们打架。
    He interposed himself between them to stop them fighting.
  4. 两个飞行舱在外层空间对接。
    The two modules docked in outer space.
  5. 掌握无限空间的概念是很难的。
    It is difficult to grasp the concept of infinite space.
  6. 这里有很大的活动空间。
    There is plenty of space here to move about.
  7. 无线电通讯已消除了空间的阻隔。
    Radio communication has annihilated space.


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