• - (断绝) cut off; sever:

    cut off his retreat; 绝其后路

    prolonged applause; 掌声不绝

  • - (完全没有了; 穷尽; 净尽) exhausted; used up; finished:

    have run out of ammunition and provisions; 弹尽粮绝

    kill all; wipe out the whole lot; 斩尽杀绝

    - (走不通的; 没有出路的) desperate; hopeless:

    hopeless situation; impasse 绝境

    - (独一无二; 特别出色) unique; superb; matchless:

    thump the table and praise the excellence of a thing; 拍案叫绝

    Her calligraphy as well as her painting can be rated as superb works of art. 她的书画可称双绝。

    - (确定; 肯定) leaving no leeway; making no allowance; uncompromising:

    don't be too definitive in what you say; 不要把话说绝

    He disagreed, but he didn't say anything definitive. 他尽管不同意,但是没有把话说绝。

  • - (极; 最) extremely; most:

    most; the overwhelming majority; 绝大多数

    an egregious error; a grievous fault; 绝大的错误

    - (用在否定词前面: 绝对) absolutely; in the least; by any means; on any account:

    absolutely impossible [unbelievable]; 绝不可能 [信]

    by no means fortuitous; 绝非偶然

  • - (绝句) jueju, a poem of four lines



  1. 这些音乐家作了一场绝对完美的演出。
    These musicians gave an absolutely faultless performance.
  2. 恐龙已绝种几百万年了。
    Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.
  3. 他的关于恐龙灭绝的电影取得了巨大的成功。
    His movie of the extinction of dinosaurs was a great success.
  4. 人类是否会受到完全灭绝的威胁呢?
    Is the human race threatened with complete extinction?
  5. 这件事他绝对没办法处理。
    By no means was he able to handle it.
  6. 要满足每一个人绝非易事。
    It is by no means easy to satisfy everyone.
  7. 当然是;正是如此;绝对如此。
  8. 绝对不可能的!
    Absolutely impossible!


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