• - (作出主张; 决定) decide; determine:

    be undecided; be awaiting decision; 悬而未决

    hesitate; be unable to reach a decision; be in a state of indecision 犹豫不决

    - (执行死刑; 杀死) execute a person:

    put to death; execute; 处决

    execute by shooting 枪决

    - (裂开; 断开) (of a dyke, etc.) be breached; burst:

    The river broke through its banks, and flooded the country for many miles around. 河水决堤,淹没了方圆数英里的乡村。

    The bank burst and totally collapsed. 全堤溃决。

  • - (用在否定词前面: 一定) definitely; certainly; under any circumstances:

    be entirely without malice; bear no ill will whatsoever; 决非恶意

    No such things ever happened. 决无此事。



  1. 他下定决心争取成功。
    He was utterly ruthless in his determination to succeed.
  2. 我们来抛硬币决定谁先走吧,你是要正面还是要反面?
    Let's flip a coin to decide who should go first - do you want heads or tails?
  3. 他们以抓阄来决定谁先去。
    They drew lots to decide which of them should go first.
  4. 医生们进行会诊,决定是否需要动手术。
    The doctors held a consultation to decide whether an operation was necessary.
  5. 决定大选的日期是首相的特权。
    It's the Prime Minister's prerogative to decide when to call an election.
  6. 对我们来说,很难决定走哪一条路。
    It was difficult for us to decide which road to take.
  7. 他决心成立一个俱乐部。
    He determined to form a club.
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