• - (清洁; 干净) clean:

    wipe sth. clean; 擦净

    with bright windows and clean tables; bright and clean; 窗明几净

    - (净尽; 没有剩余) empty; hollow; bare:

    eat up; 吃净

    burn up; 烧净

    - (纯) net:

    net export [import]; 净出 [进] 口

    net income 净收入

  • - (使干净; 擦洗干净) cleanse; wash:

    wash one's face; 净面

    wash one's hands; relieve oneself 净手

  • - (表示单纯而没有别的; 只管; 全都) entirely; only; merely; nothing but:

    all talk, no action; 净说不干

    Don't keep interrupting. 别净打岔。

  • - (戏曲角色,通称花脸) the “painted face”, a character type in Beijing opera, etc.



  1. 这瓶咖啡净重180克。
    The net weight of this jar of coffee is 180 grams.
  2. 虽然她彻底地用力擦洗那只旧壶,但她无法把它完全洗干净。
    Although she scrubbed the old pot thoroughly, she could not make it look completely clean.
  3. 一位护士来给他包上干净的绷带。
    A nurse came to put on a clean dressing for him.
  4. 他用一块沾油的抹布擦干净汽车。
    He cleaned the car with an oily rag.
  5. 护士在他的伤口上敷了一块干净的纱布垫。
    The nurse put a clean pad of cotton over his wound.
  6. 他用自来水龙头流出的凉水把手洗干净。
    He cleaned his hands in the cold water from the tap.
  7. 请把窗子弄干净,我几乎看不到外面。
    Please clean the window as I can hardly see out.
  8. 她把地板打扫干净。
    She swept the floor clean.


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