• - (编成的组织) class; team:

    class A; 甲班

    work team; 作业班

    - (一天之内的一段工作时间) shift; duty:

    on duty by turn; 轮班

    on duty; 值班

    - (军队的基层单位) squad:

    a squad leader 班长

    - (旧时用于剧团的名称) the name of an opera troupe or theatrical company:

    theatrical troupe 戏班儿

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ban Gu 班固

  • - (用于人群) a bunch of; a class of:

    a bunch of young people; a group of young people; 这班年轻人

    a class of students 一班学生

    - (用于定时开行的交通运输工具):

    first train; 头班火车

    leave by next plane; 搭下一班飞机去

  • - (定时开行的) regularly-run; scheduled; regular:

    scheduled flights 班机

  • - (调动或调回) move; deploy:

    call back troops; move troops; deploy forces 班兵



  1. 在那个班里我跟不上。
    I was out of my depth in that class.
  2. 他在40个人的班级里排在第九名。
    He took the ninth position in his class of forty.
  3. 本班男生的平均年龄是十五岁。
    The average age of the boys in this class is fifteen.
  4. 老师在全班同学面前批评他使他感到羞辱。
    He felt humiliated when the teacher scolded him in front of the whole class.
  5. 下课后,班长把练习册收了起来。
    The monitor collected the exercise books after the class was over.
  6. 这个班最低限度要六个学生才可以继续办下去。
    The class needs a minimum of 6 pupils to continue.
  7. 你们班有多少个学生?
    How many students are there in your class?
  8. 约翰比班上其他的同学用功。
    John is more diligent than anyone else in his class.


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