• - (军队) armed forces; army; troops:

    join the army; 参军

    enemy troops; the enemy 敌军

    - (参加某种活动的许多人) army; contingent:

    labour army; contingent of labour forces; 劳动军

    a large contingent of road builders 筑路大军

    - (军队的编制单位) army:

    the Fourth Army of the Red Army; 红军第四军

    cadres including and above the level of army commander; cadres of army level and above; 军以上干部

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Jun Yang 军阳



  1. 服从命令在军队中是很重要的。
    Obedience to order is very important in an army.
  2. 不断增长的失业大军引起了这名经济学家的关注。
    The increasing army of the unemployed has attracted the attention of the economist.
  3. 这个年轻军官被提升为上尉。
    The young army officer was promoted to the rank of captain.
  4. 入侵的军队将该城镇掠夺一空。
    The town was pillaged by the invading army.
  5. 军队布满了战场。
    The battlefield is full of the army.
  6. 1916年二月,法国军队在凡尔登奋力抵抗。
    In February 1916 the French army made a stand at Verdun.
  7. 军事训练演习以一场模拟战结束。
    The army training exercises ended with a mock battle.
  8. 他的军队从来不向侵略者屈服。
    His army never came under the yoke of invaders.


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