• - (帮助) help; assist:

    give him a hand; help him; 帮他一把

    help each other; 互帮

    - (指从事雇佣劳动) work:

    work as a casual labourer 帮短工

  • - (物体两旁或周围部分) side; upper:

    side of a tub; 桶帮

    side wall of ditch; 沟帮

    - (蔬菜外层叶子较厚的部分) outer leaf (of cabbage, etc.):

    outer leaf of cabbage 白菜帮

    - (群; 伙; 集团) gang; band; clique:

    the Gang of Four; 四人帮

    join as partner; 搭帮

    - (帮会) secret society; underworld gang:

    former underworld gang of tightly organized ruffians; ne'er-do-wells 青红帮

  • - (指人的群伙) a group of; a band of; a gang of:

    a group of children; 一帮小孩子

    a band [gang] of gangsters 一帮匪徒



  1. 这帮人正被警方追捕。
    The gang is being hunted by the police.
  2. 我会尽一切可能帮助你。
    I'll do everything possible to help you.
  3. 她的女仆帮助她穿上参加晚会的礼服。
    Her maid helped her to dress up for the party.
  4. 他回过身来,帮助那位扭了脚的朋友。
    He came back to help his friend who had sprained an ankle.
  5. 他的成功是由于勤勉和许多朋友的帮助。
    He succeeded both because he was industrious and because he had many friends to help him.
  6. 只要有可能,他总是设法帮忙。
    Wherever it is possible, he tries to help.
  7. 他请求我们帮他完成他的计划。
    He asked us to assist him in carrying through his plan.
  8. 帮你忙是我份内该做的事。
    It's my duty to help you.
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