• - (拉出;抽出)pluck; pull out; pull up; draw; move:

    pull out a nail; 拔钉

    pluck a thorn; 拔刺

    - (吸出) draw; suck out:

    draw out poison; 拔毒

    Put a chimney on the stove to make the fire draw. 把火拔一拔。

    - (选取,提升) select; choose; pick; promote:

    select from candidates; 选拔

    promote 提拔

    - (向高提) lift; raise:

    shout at the top of one's voice 拔起嗓子喊

    - (超出; 高出) stand out among; surpass:

    degrees above sea level; 海拔

    be distinguished from one's kind; stand out among one's fellows; be out of the common run 出类拔萃

    - (攻克; 夺取) capture; seize:

    capture the enemy's stronghold; 拔据点

    seize an enemy for tress 拔寨

    - (冷却) cool:

    cool a bottle of beer in ice water 用凉水拔啤酒

  • - {机} drawing:

    cold drawing; 冷拔

    hot drawing 热拔

    - (栝; 箭的末端与弦相会处) the pointed end of an arrow
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ba Shan 拔山



  1. 临睡前请拔下电视机的插头。
    Please unplug the TV before you go to bed.
  2. 我不敢把比尔放到花园去--他会把花全都拔掉的。
    I daren't let Bill loose on the garden he'd pull up all the flowers.
  3. 给我拔牙时用了一氧化二氮。
    I was given gas when they pulled my tooth out.
  4. 有些别有用心的同事阻止他们提拔我。
    Designing colleagues stopped them from promoting me.
  5. 你若是规规矩矩的,老板就可能提拔你。
    If you keep your nose clean, the boss might promote you.
  6. 那把刀子被卡住了,她猛地一拔,把它拔了出来。
    The knife was stuck but she pulled it out with a jerk.
  7. 牙被拔掉时,他疼得大叫。
    He bellowed with pain when the tooth was pulled out.
  8. 她把浴缸的塞子拔掉,脏水流走了。
    She pulled the plug out of the bathtub and the dirty water ran away.


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