• - (单单;只) only; alone:

    only wish; 惟愿

    You'll be held personally responsible. 惟你是问。

  • - (思想) thinking; thought:

    thinking 思惟

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wei Mao 惟茂

  • - (只是) but:

    He works hard, but he doesn't care for his health. 他工作努力,惟注意身体不够。

  • - (用在年、月、日之前):

    on the 16th of the second moon 惟2月既望



  1. 殉教行为,是无德无能者可以一举成名的惟一途径。
    Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.
  2. 惟有年轻时死去的人才是好人。
    Only the young die good.
  3. 我惟有知道你平安无事才能放心。
    I'll only relax when I know you're safe.
  4. 所谓莫知其然而然也。睡中三昧,惟此得之。
    This is the soundest of all hygiene.
  5. 惟爱推动世界。
    Love makes the world go round.
  6. 检讨过去能否产生更好的观点和思惟能力。
    Will revisiting the past give me a better perspective and understanding.
  7. 我得对上司惟命是从,这叫我心里实在难受。
    I am sick of having to truckle to my superiors.
  8. 他惟上级之命是从。
    He always does what his superiors tell him.
  9. 这个控制台是惟一一个现在能看到任何活动的地方。
    This console is the only place you can see any action now.
  10. 我们确知二加二等于四,是单纯的思惟作用。
    Our assurance that twice two are four is a matter of pure intellection.


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