• - (凑近; 靠近) come near; move towards:

    take the simple, less complicated way; 避繁就简

    play chess by the light of a street lamp; 就着路灯下棋

    - (到; 开始从事) go to; take up; undertake; engage in; enter upon:

    take one's seat; be seated at the table; 就席

    go to school; 就学

    - (完成; 确定) accomplish; make:

    (of a person's career) be crowned with success; 功成业就

    accomplish in one move; 一蹴而就

    - (趁着; 顺着) accommodate oneself to; suit; fit:

    at sb.'s convenience; 就便

    Please get my mail as well while you're at it. 你就手儿把我的信件也带来吧。

    - (搭着吃或喝) go with; eat with:

    have peanuts to go with liquor 花生仁就酒

  • - (从某方面) with regard to; concerning; on; in respect of [to]:

    in the light of present situation; 就目前情况看来

    so far as I know; 就我所知

  • - (表示在很短的时间以内) at once; right away:

    He will come right away. 他就来。

    It'll be ready in a minute. 一会儿就得。

    - (表示事情发生或结束得早) as early as; already; long since:

    The wind has already subsided in the morning. 大风早晨就停了。

    Man early learned the usefulness of weapons. 人类很早以前就知道了武器的用处。

    - (表示前后事情紧接着) as soon as; right after:

    Let's start working at once.; Act without delay. 说干就干。

    He got married as soon as he graduated. 他一毕业就结婚了。

    - (表示在某种条件或情况下自然怎么样):

    If it rains tomorrow, we won't go. 明天要是下雨,我们就不去了。

    Provided you are modest, you'll surely make progress. 只要虚心,就会进步。

    - (表示对比起来数目大,次数多,能力强等) as many as; as much as:

    So far as the expenses are concerned, we saved as much as 50,000 yuan. 光这一项开支就节约5万元。

    - (放在两个相同的成分之间,表示容忍或无所谓):

    If it's lost, it's lost. Just be more careful from now on. 丢了就丢了吧,以后小心点。

    - (表示原来或早已是这样):

    I never said I knew any French. 我本来就不懂法语。

    I knew he'd be waiting for us. 我就料到他会等我们的。

    - (仅仅; 只) only; merely; just:

    You are the only one we are waiting for. 就等你一个人了。

    He alone knows the inside story. 就他一个人知道这事的内情。

    - (表示坚决):

    He simply refused to take a rest. 他就不肯歇一歇。

    I simply wouldn't believe that I couldn't learn it well. 我就不信学不会。

    - (表示事实正是如此) exactly; precisely:

    What I want is exactly this one. 我要的就是这一个。

    Just go straight forward and you'll find the post office. 邮局就在前边。

  • - (表示假设的让步) even if:

    Even if you won't tell me, I'll know anyway. 你就不说,我也会知道。

    Even if you bring it to me, I won't take it. 你就送来,我也不要。



  1. 只有一个人能做这项工作,那就是你。
    Only one person can do the job, namely you.
  2. 我马上就来。
    I'll be right with you.
  3. 你不是支持我就是反对我。
    You are either with me or against me.
  4. 要是他当时在这儿就好了。
    If only he had been here.
  5. 要是我再有一次机会就好了。
    If only I had another chance.
  6. 你只要问他,他就会告诉你。
    You have only to ask and he'll tell you.
  7. 本次会议将就这些问题作出处理。
    The meeting will deal with these problems.
  8. 那就这样定了。
    That's settled then.


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