• - (代替人或事物,限于做宾语):

    stare at it or him; 怒目而视之

    replace someone; take it over; 取而代之

    - (虚用,无所指):

    with the lapse of time; as time passes; 久而久之

    in short; in a word; in brief; make a long story short; 总而言之

    - (这; 那) this:

    this type of man 之人也

  • - (用在定语和中心词之间,表示领属关系或一般的修饰关系):

    the pure heart of a newborn babe; 赤子之心

    your fault; 汝之过也

    - (用在主谓结构之间,取消它的独立性,使变成偏正结构):

    The world is so big that nothing is to be surprised at. 世界之大,无奇不有。

    It is unthinkable that the fight is terribly fierce. 战斗之烈,实难预料。

  • - (往) go; leave:

    leave Beijing for Shanghai; 由(北)京之沪

    Don't know where he went. 不知所之。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zhi Mayu 之马宇



  1. 牧师在船离港之前为其祝福。
    The priest blessed the ship before it left port.
  2. 食物吞下去之前先要细细咀嚼。
    You must chew your food well before you swallow it.
  3. 不要轻率地奔赴险境,做任何决定之前都要认真想想。
    Don't rush headlong into danger; think it through carefully before you make any decisions.
  4. 他们使伤寒病人的死亡率降低了一半,这是他们最感骄傲的事之一。
    It is one of their proudest boasts that they have halved the death rate from typhoid.
  5. 据说法国人是世界上最浪漫的民族之一。
    It is said that Frenchmen are among the most romantic people in the world.
  6. 该系统的主要弱点之一是消耗大量燃料。
    One of the main disadvantages of this system is that it uses very large amounts of fuel.
  7. 那只外星来的宇宙飞船在公园上空盘旋了一会儿之后就不见了。
    After the alien spacecraft had hovered over the park for a short time, it vanished.
  8. 这是所做出的最重大的发现之一。
    It was one of the most important discoveries ever made.


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