• - (丈夫) husband:

    elder sister's husband; brother-in-law; 姐夫

    former husband; ex-husband 前夫

    - (成年男子) man:

    ordinary man; 匹夫

    If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through. 一夫当关,万夫莫开。

    - (从事某种体力劳动的人) a person engaged in manual labour:

    boatman; 船夫

    farmer; peasant 农夫

    - (服劳役的人) a person served in forced labour:

    press people into service 拉夫

  • - (那; 这) that; this; those; these:

    This man does not talk. 夫人不言。

    You are spoiling this man's son. 贼夫人之子。

    - (他) he:

    Now doesn't he know? 夫岂不知?

  • - (用于一句话的开始):

    Now the Way [Tao] is like a broad road. 夫道若大路然。

    A man must despise himself before others will. 夫必自侮而后人侮之。

    - (用于句尾或句中停顿处,表示感叹):

    Alas, no one understands me! 莫吾知也夫!

    Thus things flow away day and night. 逝者如斯夫,不舍昼夜。



  1. 那位体贴的丈夫对妻子的关怀使她感觉很不高兴。
    The solicitude of the caring husband for his wife made her feel unhappy.
  2. 重赏之下,必有勇夫。
    Rewards allure men to brave danger.
  3. 我儿子生病时,丈夫给了我极大的安慰。
    My husband was a great comfort to me when my son was ill.
  4. 她丈夫睡得很熟。
    Her husband was sound asleep.
  5. 我的丈夫信任我,所以我不想失去这种信任。
    My husband trusts me and I don't intend to break that trust.
  6. 我丈夫是一个善良的人。
    My husband is a kind person.
  7. 我丈夫是个集邮者。
    My husband is a stamp collector.
  8. 我丈夫有好几件颜色不同的衬衫。
    My husband has several shirts of different colors.


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