• - (恭敬) respect
    - (供奉; 供给) supply
  • - (古国名) Gong, a state in the Zhou Dynasty
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Gong Lin 共林

  • - (围绕) surround
    - (两手合围) span with the hand
  • - (相同的; 共同具有的) common; joint; mutual; general:

    general character; 共性

    joint possession; 共有

  • - (共同具有或承受) share with:

    share a common fate; 共命运

    share weal and woe; 休戚与共

  • - (在一起; 一齐) together:

    discuss affairs of state together; 共商国事

    cross a river in the same boat -- people in the same boat help each other; 同舟共济

    - (总共) altogether; in all:

    The college has five thousand teachers and students in all. 该校共有师生5千人。

  • - (共产党的简称) short for the Communist Party:

    the Communist Party of China (CPC) 中共



  1. 他们结为夫妇共同生活了很多年。
    They lived together as husband and wife for years.
  2. 我可不愿和他同甘共苦。
    I would not want to share his lot.
  3. 共同的利益把这两人联系到一起。
    me in strength but Common interest brings these two together.
  4. 两姐妹没有什么共同之处。
    The two sisters have nothing in common.
  5. 在这点上,他们有些共同之处。
    They have something in common in this connection.
  6. 将军推翻了那个国家的最后一个皇帝,建立了共和国。
    The general overthrew the last emperor of that country and established a public.
  7. 共同的爱好使两人结交为朋友。
    Common tastes form a bond between the two men.
  8. 他们联合起来抵御共同的敌人。
    They made an alliance against the common enemy.


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