[baɪ]     [baɪ]    
  • prep. 靠近;通过;被;经由;不迟于
  • adv. 经过;在旁边;靠近



prep. (介词)
  1. (表示位置)在…近旁; 在身边 near
  2. (表示时间)不迟于; 在…时候 not later than
  3. (表示移动方向)从…中经过 passing through or along
  4. (表示方式)搭乘,通过; 抓住…; 靠,采取; 就…而论; 以…称呼方式; 以…的名义; 凭着 through the use or means of
  5. (表示原因)随…而来 as the result of
  6. (表示方位)偏于 inclined to one side
  7. (表示环境)借着…光亮 depend upon the light of
  8. (表示关涉)经过 passing through
  9. (表示程度)以…之差 with disparity of
  10. (表示关系)对待 treat
  11. (表示依据)根据 in accordance with
  12. (表示比率)以…幅度; 以…为单位; …比 …to the amount or degree of
  13. (表示累加)(一个)接着 one by one
  14. (表示动作者)被〔由〕; 由…创作〔演奏〕 show the name of the person who wrote a book, directed a film, made a work of art, etc.
adv. (副词)
  1. 在近旁 near
  2. 经过,走过 past
  3. 保留 in reserve


  1. so as to pass a given point;

    "every hour a train goes past"

  2. in reserve; not for immediate use;

    "started setting aside money to buy a car"
    "put something by for her old age"
    "has a nest egg tucked away for a rainy day"



用作介词 (prep.)
  1. The house by the lake is a restaurant.
  2. He entered by the back door.
  3. The project was viewed favorably by the committee.
  4. He let himself down slowly by means of a rope.
用作副词 (adv.)
  1. He hurried by and disappeared in the wood.
  2. I always keep a bottle of wine by in case friends call round.
  3. He lives near by.


用作介词 (prep.)
by accident
    偶然地 without any intention or planning
by all means
by analogy
    用类推方法by a process of reasoning between parallel cases
by analogy with
    根据…类推deducing (sth) according to sth
by any chance
    或许; 可能 perhaps; possibly
by chance
    偶然地,意外地 by accident; accidentally; unintentionally
by common consent
    公认 generally acknowledge
by comparison
    比较起来when compared
by contrast
by courtesy of
    蒙…的好意,蒙…提供 by the permission or generosity of sb
by degrees
    一点一点地,逐渐地 gradually
by far
    …得多,更,尤其 by a great amount
by hand
    用手;亲自 using one's hand; in person
by heart
    凭记性 by memory
by itself
    独自地; 无需外力地alone; without help
by leaps and bounds
    非常迅速,突飞猛进very quickly and successfully
by means of
by mistake
    错误地 as a result of carelessness, forgetfulness, etc.; in error
by no means
by reason of
    由于because of
by rights
    要是公正的话,公正地 if justice were done; in justice
by the book
    按规则,依照惯例according to the rules
by the by
    顺便提一句by the way
by the same token
    由于同样原因,同样地in the same way
by the way
    顺便地,附带说说 used to introduce a comment or question that is only indirectly related, if at all, to the main subject of conversation
by trial and error
    反复试验,不断摸索by trying various solutions and learning from one's failure
by turns
    轮流地; 交替地 one after the other; in rotation
by virtue of
    凭借,依靠,因为,由于by means of or because of sth
by way of
    意在,为了 with the intention of or for the purpose ofBy way of introduction to my subject,I'd like to tell you how I first came to be interested in it.为了引入我的话题,我想告诉你我起初是怎样对这个问题感兴趣的。
用作副词 (adv.)
by and by
    不久,马上 before long; soon
by and large
    总的来说 on the whole;in general


用作介词 (prep.)
动词+~ 动词+名词+~ ~+名词 名词+~+名词 副词+~ ~+副词 副词+~+副词 ~+代词 ~+数词 数词+~+数词
用作副词 (adv.)


  • He Joppa by one Simon.

    出自:Bible (Coverdale): Acts
  • Down by the Docks they 'board seamen' at the eating houses.

    出自: Dickens
  • A cat sits on the pavement by the house.

    出自: R. Jarrell
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