1. 罗斗鱼的体色各式各样,选择面极广。
    Siamese fighting fish are available in a wide range of colors.
  2. 罗是古代的泰国。
    Siam is the name of ancient Thailand.
  3. 女人抱着一只罗猫,还用法语和它讲着话。
    The woman was holding a large Siamese cat and speaking to him in French.
  4. 罗航空公司(泰国)
    Air Siam Air Company Limited
  5. 他们创建的奢华的丛林天堂不可避免地引起了邻国罗王国(即现在的泰国)的注意。
    The lush jungle paradise they created inevitably caught the attention of the neighboring kingdom of Siam now known as Thailand.
  6. 我用了一些罗猫当作参考,且本来是要画更多的人物,过后来还是觉得太累人了。
    I used a litter of Siamese kittens as a reference, and was planning to draw some siblings for Ranik when I ran out of steam.
  7. 老挝万象外的老挝动物园,一只婴儿罗鳄破壳而出。
    A baby Siamese crocodile hatches from an egg at the Lao zoo outside Vientiane, Laos.
  8. 有报导说马恩岛无尾猫和罗猫是能活得最长的猫。
    Manx and Siamese have been mentioned as being among the longest-lived pedigreed cats.
  9. 这使我们联想起1584年罗国曾经向明朝廷进贡150千克鸦片的史料记载。
    This reminds us of the 150 kilograms of opium that Siam presented to his court in 1584.
  10. 男女差别在罗也是非常明显的,女性是明显屈从于男性的个体。
    Gender differences in Siam are also very clear and women are clearly subservient to men.
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