• - (首都) capital:

    onetime capital; 故都

    move the capital to another place 迁都

    - (大城市) big city; metropolis:

    Anshan is our country's steel metropolis. 鞍山是我国的钢都。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Du Mu 都穆

  • - (表示总括全部) all:

    I have said all there is to be said about it. 关于这件事,该说的我都说了。

    Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. 任何一件值得做的事都应该把它做好。

    - (跟“是”字合用,说明理由) just because of:

    It was all because of your dawdling that we were late. 都是你老磨蹭,害得我们迟到了。

    Just because of the rain, the sports meet was put off. 都是下雨,运动会才延期的。

    - (表示强调) even:

    He didn't even look at it. 他连看都不看它一眼。

    Even a child knows all this. 这种事连小孩都知道。

    - (表示“已经”) already:

    It's already eight o'clock. Why don't you get a move on? 都8点了,你还不走?

    She's already ninety. 她都90岁了。



  1. 他的死使我们大家都大为震惊。
    His death was a great shock to us all.
  2. 我把赚的钱都花光了。
    I've spent all my earnings.
  3. 她所有的钱都投放到股票里去了。
    She's got all her money in stocks and shares.
  4. 他是个这么好的学生,所以我们都喜欢他。
    Such a good student is he that we all like him.
  5. 情况始终都在变化。
    Conditions are changing all the time.
  6. 你知道这些衬衫都卖半价了吗?
    Do you realize that all of these shirts are half off?
  7. 我们都喜欢乡村生活的宁静。
    We all like the tranquility of the country life.
  8. 他给我们讲了一个我们都听了很多次的老掉牙的笑话。
    He told us a hoary old joke that we'd all heard many times before.


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