• - (弄碎粮食的工具) mill; millstones:

    a hand mill 推磨

  • - (用磨弄碎粮食) mill; grind:

    mill grain; 磨谷物

    make bean curd by grinding soya beans 磨豆腐

    - (掉转) turn round:

    too narrow to turn a car round 磨不开车

  • - (摩擦) rub; wear:

    rub off [out]; 磨去

    talk till one's jaws ache; 磨破了嘴皮

    - (研磨) grind; mull; polish:

    grind a lens; 磨镜片

    polish a jade; 磨光玉石

    - (折磨) grind down; wear down [out]:

    be ground down or worn down by the illness; 被疾病磨垮了

    the wear and tear of life; 生活的折磨

    - (纠缠) trouble; annoy; pester:

    beg father without stop to buy a toy pistol for him; 磨爸爸给他买玩具手枪

    Don't keep on bothering me. 别老磨人 !

    - (消灭;磨灭) die out; obliterate; efface:

    will endure for centuries; 百世不磨

    never be obliterated [effaced] 不可磨灭

    - (消耗时间;拖延) waste time; idle; dawdle:

    Don't idle away your precious time. 别闲磨大好时光 !

    Stop dawdling and get going. 快走吧,别再磨时间了。



  1. 我们把小麦磨成面粉。
    We grind up the wheat to make flour.
  2. 他们正在把小麦磨成面粉。
    They are grinding wheat into flour.
  3. 有些人睡觉时磨牙齿。
    Some people grind their teeth while they are asleep.
  4. 刻在石头上的文字已磨损了。
    The inscription on the stone had worn away.
  5. 他正在磨刀。
    He is burnishing the knife.
  6. 他在石头上磨刀。
    He whetted his knife on the stone.
  7. 他用碾磨机把谷物磨成面粉。
    He used a miller to mill the grain into flour.
  8. 他们在磨刀石上磨刀子。
    They ground the knife on a grindstone.


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