• - (曲折环绕) circle; wind:

    The path winds along mountain ridges. 峰回路转。

    - (从别处回到原来的地方; 还) return; go back:

    return to where one came from; 回到原地

    return to one's hometown; 回故乡

    - (掉转) turn round:

    She turned round and regarded him thoughtfully. 她回过身来,沉思地望了望他。

    - (答复; 回报) answer; reply:

    send a letter in reply; write back 回信

    - (向上报告; 回禀) report back:

    have already reported (to superior) 已经回了

  • - (用于事情、动作的次数) time:

    a good many times; 好几回

    have been here once; 来过一回

    - (说书的一个段落; 章回小说的一章) chapter:

    This novel has 120 chapters. 这部小说共一百二十回。

  • - (回族) the Hui nationality
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Hui Manzhu 回满住



  1. 我觉得他好象想要回家。
    It seems to me that be would like to go back home.
  2. 我等她回来时,心里越来越不安。
    I waited with growing uneasiness for her to return.
  3. 他渴望回到故乡。
    He yearned to return to his native land.
  4. 在国外多年后,他想回到故乡。
    After many years abroad, he wanted to return home to his country.
  5. 老师让我回答一个非常难的问题。
    My teacher asked me to answer an exceedingly difficult question.
  6. 我不愿回答那个问题。
    I refuse to answer that question.
  7. 在法律上,你没有义务非回答这些问题不可。
    You are not legally bound to answer these questions.
  8. 我心中充满了回家的渴望。
    I am filled with desire to go back home.


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