• - (液体的小滴) drop (of liquid):

    raindrops 雨点

    - (细小的痕迹) spot; dot; speck:

    ink spots; 墨点

    stain 污点

    - (汉字的笔画“、”) dot stroke (in Chinese characters)
    - (小数点) decimal point; point:

    “3.5”is read as “three point five”. “3.5”读作“三点五”。

    - {数} (几何学中指没有长、宽、厚而人有位置的几何图形) point:

    datum point [mark]; 基准点

    the point of intersection of two lines 两线的交点

    - (一定的地点或限度) place; point:

    boiling point; 沸点

    residential area; 居民点

    - (事物的方面或部分) aspect; feature:

    view from this aspect; 从这点上去看

    characteristic feature; 特点

    - (规定的钟点) appointed time:

    behind time; delayed; late; 误点

    on time; 正点

    - (点心) light refreshment:

    tea and cake; tea; 茶点

    breakfast 早点

  • - (表示少量) tiny amount; a little; a bit; some:

    get [have] something to eat; 吃一点东西

    feel a little bit cold; 觉得有一点冷

    - (用于事项):

    I have some tentative suggestions. 我有几点不成熟的想法。

    - (时间单位,一昼夜的二十四分之一) o'clock:

    nine o'clock in the morning; 上午九点钟

    What time is it now? 现在几点了?

    - {刷} (计算活字及字模的大小的单位) point, a unit of measurement for type
  • - (用笔加上点子) put a dot:

    make a comma; 点个逗号

    put three dots to show that something has been omitted 点三个点表示省略

    - (触到物体后立刻离开) touch lightly as with finger, brush or rod; touch on very briefly; skim:

    dragonflies skimming (over) the water; 蜻蜓点水

    He pushed the boat off with a shove of the pole. 他用篙一点就把船撑开了。

    - (向下稍微动一动立刻恢复原位) nod:

    She nodded to me in a friendly fashion. 她友好地向我点头。

    - (使液体一滴滴地向下落) drip:

    put drops in the eyes 点眼药

    - (点播) sow in holes; dibble:

    dibble beans 点豆子

    - (一个个地查对) check one by one:

    check over goods; take stock; 点货

    count the number of people; 点人数

    - (在许多人或事物中指定) select; choose:

    We ordered four beefsteaks. 我们点了四块牛排。

    - (指点; 启发) hint; point out:

    He quickly took the hint. 一点他就明白了。

    - (引着火) light; burn; kindle:

    light a lamp; 点灯

    He's got a fiery temper and flares up at the slightest provocation. 他是火爆性子,一点就着。



  1. 那辆火车三点钟准时到达。
    The train arrived on the dot of three o'clock.
  2. 电视机设定在10点钟自动打开。
    The video is programmed to switch on at ten o'clock.
  3. 他到十一点才回家。
    Not until eleven o'clock did he come home.
  4. 我在七点钟的新闻报道中听到了这则消息。
    I heard it on the 7 o'clock news.
  5. 现在是六点钟左右。
    It is about six o'clock now.
  6. 现在是十一点钟。
    It's eleven o'clock now.
  7. 西班牙是我们喜欢的度假地点。
    Spain is our favorite holiday spot.
  8. 这点很明显,你用不着讲个没完。
    You needn't labor a point that is perfectly plain.


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