• - (解除约束; 使自由) release; set free; let go:

    release; set free; 释放

    won't let him go; 不放他走

    - (在一定的时间停止) stop:

    (of school) close; 放学

    knock off 放工

    - (放纵) give way to; let oneself go:

    laugh a hearty laugh; 放声大笑

    have a highflown talk; 放言高论

    - (把牛羊等赶到草地里吃草) put out to pasture; let off for prey:

    let off sheep to pasture; 放羊

    put cattle out to pasture; pasture [graze] cattle; 放牛

    - (把人驱逐到边远的地方) send away:

    send into exile; 流放

    send to the countryside 下放农村

    - (发出) give out:

    shoot arrow; 放箭

    fire guns; 放炮

    - (点燃)light; fire:

    light firecrackers; 放爆竹

    set on fire 放火

    - (借钱给人,收取利息) lend money for interest:

    make loans; loan; 放款

    practise usury 放高利贷

    - (扩展) expand; enlarge; let out:

    let out an inch; 放宽一寸

    loosen it a little 放松一点

    - (花开) blossom:

    be wild with joy; 心花怒放

    a hundred flowers in bloom; 百花齐放

    - (搁置) lay aside; leave alone; put aside:

    lay it aside for the moment; 先放一放

    put aside 放在一边

    - (弄倒) fell:

    go up the mountain to fell trees 上山放树

    - (使处于一定的位置) place; put:

    put the book on the shelf; 把书放在书架上

    place where it is; 放回原处

    - (加进去) add; put in:

    put in a little bit of sugar; 放点糖

    Put a bit more soy sauce in the food [dish]. 菜里多放点酱油。

    - (控制自己) readjust oneself to a certain extent:

    Be sedate.; 放稳重些。

    You behave yourself!; 放老实点(儿)!

    - ? (放映) show:

    show slides; 放幻灯

    turn on the videocorder; 放录像

    - ? (保存) keep:

    deposit in the bank; 存放银行

    put away in safe place 安放

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Fang Qi 放齐



  1. 玛利把许多吃的放在冰箱里了。
    Mary put a lot of food in the refrigerator.
  2. 打完电话后,请把听筒放回原位。
    Please put the receiver back after calling.
  3. 法官把囚犯释放了。
    The judge discharged the prisoner.
  4. 他打开窗户,放出污浊的空气。
    He opened the window to let out the foul air.
  5. 她把糖放进咖啡里,用勺子把它们混合起来。
    She put the sugar into the coffee and mixed them up with a spoon.
  6. 他往汤里放盐太多,把汤给糟蹋了。
    He had spoiled the soup by putting in too much salt.
  7. 她把衣服放在干衣机里,这样她下午就能穿这些衣服了。
    She put her clothes in the drier, so she could wear them this afternoon.


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