• - (生育; 生殖) give birth to; bear:

    give birth to a child; 生孩子

    newborn baby; 新生儿

    - (出生) be born:

    He was born in 1950. 他生于1950年。

    I feel as if I had been born again. 我有一种再生之感。

    - (生长) grow:

    take root; 生根

    sprout; 生芽

    - (生存; 活) live; exist:

    raise sb. from the dead; bring sb. back to life; 起死回生

    Better die standing than live kneeling. 宁愿站着死,不愿跪着生。

    - (产生;发生) get; have:

    provoke a dispute; stir up trouble; 惹是生非

    get chilblains 生冻疮

    - (使燃料燃烧) light (a fire):

    light a stove; 生炉子

    light a bonfire 生起一堆篝火

  • - (生命) life:

    lose one's life; be [get] killed; 丧生

    lay down one's life for a just cause; 舍生取义

    - (生计) livelihood:

    earn one's livelihood; make a living; 谋生

    make a livelihood by writing; 以写作为生

    - (学生) pupil;student:

    man [boy] student; schoolboy; 男生

    teacher-student relations 师生关系

    - (旧时称读书人) scholar:

    Confucian scholar; 儒生

    intellectual; scholar 书生

    - (戏曲角色,扮演男子) the male character type in Beijing opera, etc.
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Sheng Yonghe 生用和

  • - (有生命力的; 活的) living:

    living things 生物

    - (果实没有成熟) unripe; green:

    unripe watermelon; 生瓜

    a green apple; 生苹果

    - (没有煮过或煮得不够的) raw; uncooked:

    eat shrimps raw; 吃生虾

    raw meat [fish]; 生肉[鱼]

    - (未经加工或锻炼过的) unprocessed; unrefined; crude:

    rawhide;(untanned) hide; 生皮

    quicklime 生石灰

    - (生疏; 不熟练) unfamiliar; unacquainted; strange:

    a stranger in a strange place; 人生地不熟

    new word; 生词

    - (生硬; 勉强) stiff; mechanical:

    mechanically put together (disconnected words and phrases); arbitrarily dish up (unrelated facts); 生凑

    We cannot apply mechanically other people's experiences. 我们不能生搬别人的经验。

  • - (用在某些表示感情、感觉的词的前面) very:

    for fear that; 生恐

    I bumped against a desk and felt great pain in my leg. 腿被桌子撞得生疼。

    - [后缀]
    - (某些指人的名词后缀):

    student; pupil; 学生

    doctor 医生

    - (某些副词的后缀):

    carefully; properly; 好生

    how 怎生



  1. 他以写作为生。
    He lives by his pen.
  2. 他珍视生命。
    He holds life dear.
  3. 并非所有的人生来都像你这样有天赋。
    Not everyone is born with such endowments as you.
  4. 只有知道如何生活的人们,才会开始认识自己和人生。
    Only those who learn how to live can come to know themselves and life.
  5. 想过舒适的生活不过是普通人的本性。
    It's only human nature to want a comfortable life.
  6. 对他来说,生活似乎已失去了一切乐趣。
    Life seems to have lost most of its savor for him.
  7. 我们都喜欢乡村生活的宁静。
    We all like the tranquility of the country life.
  8. 她爱市场上的生趣、喧哗与多姿多彩。
    She loved the life, noise, and color of the market.


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