• - (手指聚拢,使物体固定在手中) grab; clutch; get; seize; grasp:

    clutch fast; 一把抓住

    seize a rope; 抓紧绳子

    - (搔抓) scratch:

    scratch an itch; 抓痒

    scratch one's head; 抓头皮

    - (捉拿; 捕捉) arrest; catch; seize:

    seize the spy; 抓特务

    press-gang labourer; 抓劳工

    - (特别着重) stress; pay special attention to; emphasize:

    emphasize the quality of the products; 抓产品质量

    watch out for the first signs; 抓苗头

    - (抢着做) seize; grasp:

    seize an opportunity; grasp at an opportunity; 抓机会

    grasp the nettle 大胆抓起棘手问题

    - (负责做) take charge of; be responsible for:

    He is a vice-president for academic affairs. 他是抓业务的副校长。

    He is in charge of the work. 这项工作由他抓。

    - (吸引) attract; draw; fascinate:

    The play gripped the audience soon after it started. 剧一开始就抓住了观众。

    He attracted listeners' attention with his speech. 他的演讲抓住了听众。



  1. 我给他这一机会,他立刻抓住不放。
    When I gave him the chance, he grabbed it at once.
  2. 他抓住我的领子把我拉倒他面前。
    He grabbed my collar and pulled me towards him.
  3. 老鹰抓住小鸡飞走了。
    The hawk snatched the chicken and flew away.
  4. 抓住这个机会,否则你会后悔的。
    Seize the chance, otherwise you'll regret it.
  5. 狮子抓住猎物,把它吃了。
    The lion seized its prey and ate it.
  6. 当他跌倒时,便往一条悬挂的绳子抓去。
    As he fell, he caught hold of a hanging chain.
  7. 他跑得飞快,足以抓住那小偷。
    He ran fast enough to catch the thief.
  8. 别再犹豫了,一有机会就抓住它!
    Don't hesitate; seize the first opportunity that comes along!


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